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Take a little time to browse our pages and discover what goes on where and when in our area. Within our pages you can also find out who does what locally. If you would like to contribute anything to any of our pages, including your favourite picture from where you live in our area, please follow the links on the Contact Us page. We would love to carry all the info for your local club or association and best of all, it’s all for free!

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Jubilee, Gardens, Sailing, Reading & More

What’s on... in brief

Find out what’s on and where. Scroll down to see all listings, click on the month to go to the relevant page where you can view all the details or alternatively click on the Events Diary menu to choose which month to view.


8th Creaton WI meets

11th Creaton Walkers meet

23rd & 24th Adult Learn to Sail, Hollowell

24th Hopewell Coffee Morning - Hollowell

25th Social & Skittles - Cold Ashby


2nd - 3rd Hollowell Steam & Vintage Rally

9th Social Evening - Cold Ashby

9th Creaton Walkers meet

10th Tennis Club Open Morning - Guilsborough

13th Creaton WI meets

16th & 17th Adult Learn to Sail, Hollowell

22nd Hopewell Coffee Morning

23rd & 24th Open Gardens & Bbq - Cold Ashby

25th-29th Junior & Youth Sailing & Windsurfing Week at Hollowell

Regular Events:

Monday mornings - MMM, Guilsborough.

Monday evenings - Knitwits, Guilsborough.

Tuesday evenings - Creaton Singers, Sailing Tasters at Hollowell Sailg Club (booking essential)

Thursdays mornings - Indoor Bowls, Creaton.

3rd Friday of the month - Hopewell Cafe, Hollowell.

Sunday morning & Tuesday evenings -Tennis, Guilsborough

Multiple activities at Guilsborough village Hall


Hollowell Steam and Vintage Rally will take place on the weekend of the 2nd & 3rd July and we very much hope to see you all there.   The event is back after a two year absence and promises to bring all the much-loved delights: magnificent steam engines, vintage tractors, cars and lorries, glorious food and drink, the ever-popular dog show, the fun fair, a small number of heavy horses and all sorts of traders and stalls.   Sadly there will be no public camping or auction this year. Tickets are £10 for Adults, £5 for Children (under 5s free) and £9 for Seniors.


2nd Jubilee Beacon and Open Air Church Service, meet at Guilsborough

3rd Jubilee Social Evening at Cold Ashby

4th BBQ, Live music, toast to the Queen at the Witch and Sow, Guilsborough

4th Platinum Jubilee Tea Party & ‘Coronation’ in Hollowell

5th Jubilee Fete, Open Gardens & Open Farm Sunday at Creaton

5th Family Fun Day & Picnic - Cold Ashby

5th Family Fun Day & Picnic Guilsborough

5th Cottesbrooke Celebrations

5th Street Style Party - Thornby

 See village pages for details.

There’s something going on for pretty much everyone over the next couple of months. Whether sports, fun days, gardening or quiet reflection, all ages are catered for.

As a rural community we rely on the good work of volunteers and subsidized services more than most.  Hollowell and Teeton Parish Council give us a useful reminder of the bus services available and here are a few words from your local library. Happy reading!

Buckby Library & Hub is a community managed library and social hub run by volunteers and

a part-time manager in the centre of Long Buckby. We aim to serve all villages in the vicinity

and you can explore what we offer on our website:

Please drop in to say hello and find out what we do if you’re in Long Buckby and have a few

minutes to spare. For details of our opening times and all our activities just check our website; you can also email or phone: 01327-842591.: joining a library is free!


Angela Hubbard is stepping down from the Village Link team after 20 years at the helm of the advertising job and many years looking after our finances. She successfully secured grant funding for us, gathered donations from parish councils and encouraged local businesses to support this not-for-profit publication. We will miss her and pass on our heartfelt thanks for everything she has done - and with a smile! Sarah Dalzell has kindly agreed to take on the role, with other team members taking on what Sarah was doing. Our editorial team includes residents of Creaton, Guilsborough and Cold Ashby. If any reader from Thornby, Cottesbrooke, Hollowell or Teeton has practical skills to offer and a few hours every two months to spare to represent their village, please do get in touch.

Saxon Spires Patient Participation Group

Summer 2022

The SSPPG are a group of patients that work with the Practice to make it the best it can be. We always welcome new members to our Group. Our meetings are held every two months, alternating between both surgeries. The next SSPPG Meeting will on Wednesday 15th June at Guilsborough Surgery, 6.30pm.

Northamptonshire Carers Association are offering a Drop-In Session for carers and the cared for on Tuesday 5th July at Dobbies Garden Centre Cafe, Harlestone Road from 1.30pm – 3pm. Carers Association staff will be present, to give advice and support.

Health Walks lasting 60 mins and led by Mick Wright will be on

Monday 20th June, meeting at The Café, Smiths Farm Shop, Chapel Brampton NN6 8AA, 11am

Monday 11th July meeting at the Saracens Head, Little Brington, 11am.

For more information about the SSPPG contact the Secretary, Barbara Hogg on 01604 880552 or email  There is more information about our meetings and events, on the Saxon Spires website and on the SSPPG Facebook page.


Kemal Chetitah is 66 years young and is walking the Via Francigena from Canterbury to Rome from 16thuntil 4th2022. will pass through 5 countries and cross three major mountain ranges all within 80 days, finishing in Lazio at the Vatican and St. Peters in Rome. All profits going to join the fight to help save men’s lives and highlight this devastating disease.


Cottesbrooke resident and electric vehicle (EV) owner Alexina Cassidy got in touch to tell of her experience as part of our Climate Change And… series, so Village Link asked her to do a bit of research ...

EVs are cheaper to ‘fuel’, tax, service and insure. But are they the ‘greener’ option?

All over the world, governments are promoting electric vehicles (EVs) as the answer to reducing our dependence on oil and our carbon footprint and introducing legislation to force the issue.

In the UK, EVs accounted for almost one in six new cars sold in 2021. Plug-in cars are anticipated to account for more than a quarter of the market by the end 2022.

But, are EVs are as green as the hype portrays? What are the main issues surrounding whether or not to switch?

How do prices compare?

EVs have traditionally been more expensive than internal combustion engines (ICEs) but the gap is closing. The best value EVs cost around £25,000 to £30,000 new. However more than 90% of EV buyers do not buy the car outright but opt for a PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) with monthly costs varying between £200-£400 depending on a variety of factors.

What do I pay to charge my EV?

Charging at home overnight is the cheapest option, but that is not available to all. According to Zap-Map, who provide useful maps of charging points throughout the UK, there are 31,507 charging points across 19,707 charging locations in the UK. This is made up of high speed en-route chargers to on-street provision.

As for the cost of electricity, this varies widely depending on your location and energy provider but the default price for the East Midlands based on the April 2022 price cap is 26.3p/kwh (kilowatt hour). EV battery sizes vary from 30kwh to over 100kwh. From summarizing the latest research available, an EV will save you about 10p/mile on ‘fuel’, so depending on how much you drive annually you can work out how much going electric will save you.

Where does my electricity come from?

Over the past year 41.3% is generated from fossil fuels, 25% from renewable energy and 25.4% from ‘other energy’, namely nuclear and biomass. So, electricity generation needs to get much cleaner for EV emissions to be fully ‘green’.

What are the environmental costs of production?

Batteries rely on raw materials that have been connected to environmental catastrophes and human rights concerns as well as being water intensive to manufacture. Positive steps are being made to mitigate all these issues, but there is some way to go.

How long will a battery last?

Current predictions are that EV batteries will last for approximately 100,000 miles, so depending on annual mileage 10-20 years. Battery range varies from over 300 miles to 55 miles but much depends on weather temperatures and type of journey.

What provision is there for EVs in Northamptonshire?

According to the latest DfT data (April 22), there are 107 public EV charging devices in West Northamptonshire, which equates to 26.3 devices per 100,000 people. This is compared to the UK average of 45.2 devices per 100,000 people. In February 2022, the two Northamptonshire Councils unveiled new on-street EV charging stations (82 charging sockets) thanks to a UK Innovate grant. The locations were chosen to benefit those who do not have access to a driveway. If successful, the Councils plan to introduce more.

Alexina Cassidy

Ed. One of the editorial team is also an EV driver, on their third electric car and very happy with the experience. There are occasional niggles linked to the availability of chargers (or operational chargers), but the situation is improving with every month that passes.

Local news from the Northamptonshire villages of Cold Ashby, Cottesbrooke, Creaton, Guilsborough, Hollowell & Teeton and Thornby.

Last updated Tuesday, May 31, 2022

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