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We meet on Zoom on the second Wednesday of the month and, weather permitting, in person on the playing field for coffee and chat at 11am on the fourth Wednesday of the month. Please do join us.  

Our Zoom speaker in August will be Kate Wills on the History of Northamptonshire, including the village of Creaton.

In September Millie Fyfe will talk about Food and Farming, from Farm to Plate.

For more information, please contact Daphne Clark on 01604 505546 or email  You can also find us on Facebook


It has been a long time since we met and I am sure we all want our talks to start again. The Committee hope it will be possible to start in September but it will depend on restrictions being lifted and the Church being willing to let us use it. So let’s all look forward to getting together.

Don’t forget to check our Events Diary for more information on events in all our villages and surrounding area.

The Creaton

Walking Group

Summer is certainly here with its usual mixture of glorious sunshine and rain, making walking an absolute pleasure as nature is bursting out all around. The Creaton Walking Group had a lovely walk in June from Clipston over the fields to Kelmarsh, enjoying the wild flowers which seem to be more expansive than then had lunch at the pub and were delighted to be joined by more supporters than walkers!

The July walk was from Little Brington, over the stunning Althorp estate and surrounding enjoyed the flora and fauna but more importantly the fellowship and camaraderie of their fellow walkers. Everyone has really missed being able to walk together.

If you enjoy walking, why not join the walkers on the second Saturday of the month for an 8 mile circular walk followed by an optional pub lunch. We meet at Creaton lychgate at 10am.

Next walks are on:

Saturday 14 August

Saturday 11 September which includes the Historic Churches Ride and Stride

Creaton Singers

As the summer ticks by the Creaton Singers have been grateful to be able to sing together on Zoom, albeit on mute! The range of songs has been extensive, including some old favourites and some more complex pieces in three parts. As ever, the Singers are very grateful to Glennis Ambrose their Musical Director for tirelessly playing and encouraging everyone to keep focussed as the months tick by. Tony Ambrose bravely sings solo to lead everyone, which is a winning formula.

Hopefully as lockdown starts to lift, the Singers will be able to meet in person and start singing so uplifting so if you would like to join the group please get in touch by phoning Jane on 01604 505610.

Creaton Relief in Need Charity

Creaton Relief in Need charity (formally Benyon’s Charity) has been granting funds to children and young people in Creaton since 1872. If you need financial assistance for educational or wellbeing issues, assistance may be available.

Please apply in writing to The Trustees, The Red House, Hollowell Road, , or Email


You may have been wondering how our Village Hall has been coping during the pandemic and lockdowns. The pandemic measures obviously meant that many people were unable to use the Hall for children’s parties, other regular activities and fund raisers.

The Committee are very keen to reopen soon as conditions allow. We had planned to refit the kitchen while the hall was not in use but a pesky leak in the kitchen roof is proving difficult to repair and has put things on hold.

On the bright side the Hall is financially secure and we fully intend to upgrade our facilities and welcome the village back. So if you have any good ideas about what events might cheer us up when we return to normal use, please let the Committee know.

Kate McEwan.

Secretary  CVHMC

Tel: 01604 505406


At Creaton Village Shop, the early bird catches the croissant, which is definitely much more delicious than the worm, and, if you are early enough, still warm. The fresh bread is proving to be a great hit, especially when the shop donated croissants to the young people studying at home during the lockdown. Apparently it was one of the more successful ways to get them out the house!

It’s not all carbs though. The shop has a full range of fresh and seasonal fruit and veg delivered several times a week, currently including strawberries, raspberries and melon, just the thing to round off your barbecue. To accompany these alfresco food fiestas, you can also support local producers with exciting local beers and wines. It is amazing how much alcohol is made in the area: Creaton Grange Ales, Phipps in Northampton, Towcester Mill, Fleurfields Vineyard in Brixworth, and Stoneyfield Vineyard in Blisworth.

Creaton Village Shop also donated crispy croissants to those living alone, and to the shareholders of Creaton Community Benefit Society (CCBS). It is these investors in our community that gave rise to our community shop in the first place and, at the end of August as the shop celebrates its third birthday, we are all very grateful that this excellent work continues. Membership of CCBS is open to all.

As a community shop, the volunteer staff are the backbone, and there is always at least one volunteer on duty – two in the early mornings when the bread needs baking. It is wonderful to have so many new people who have recently stepped forward, willing to give a couple of hours every week or so. You need to be at least 14 years of age to help, which means for those doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award, you can use hours volunteering in the shop towards your award. Naturally every volunteer will get a glowing reference – you should see mine.

If you have a couple of hours to spare on a flexible basis please email Claire Morrell at


Your Shop. Our Shop. Creaton Village Shop.

Creaton Village Shop, Opening Day, August 2018


Did you know that the collective area of our gardens is greater than that of all the nature reserves in UK? So, our gardens can make a massive contribution to our wildlife and biodiversity, and the way we garden can also have an impact on carbon emissions and water use. Soil is a huge carbon store, so disturbing the soil as little as possible (the principle behind no-dig gardening) reduces the release of carbon into the atmosphere. Also, being less tidy in the garden overall provides shelter and nourishment for wildlife – perfect for those gardeners who are short on time!

Here is a list of things that can help your garden have a positive impact on the environment:

Mow less frequently, and leave some areas of grass to grow long and go wild. This will increase the biodiversity on your lawn and also lower carbon emissions from mowing (one hour mowing with a petrol mower is as polluting as driving 93 miles in a car).

Choose peat-free compost and buy plants grown in peat-free compost. Peat bogs are a major carbon store and digging them up to use peat in compost releases huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere.

Encourage pollinators by growing native plants.

Use natural pest control and fertilizers. Harmful pesticides can kill vital pollinators.

Create a wildlife area. A pile of sticks, leaves or other garden trimmings left in a corner can provide shelter for all sorts of wildlife.

Make a pond. Even a tiny pond will welcome a wider variety of species to your garden (remember to include sloping sides or stones to help hedgehogs to climb out).

Contribute to a hedgehog highway. Make holes at the base of your fences to allow hedgehogs to roam from garden to garden as they have a large territory.

Provide food and water for birds.

Try growing your own vegetables. Even a few pots of your favourite herbs would start to help reducing food miles and plastic waste.

Recycle rainwater. Use a water butt - and those half-drunk bottles of water!

Embrace the weeds (and a lazier approach to gardening in general). Dandelions get a bad press but they are a vital early source of nectar for bees.

For more information visit and to find out more about how to create a wildlife garden visit

If you’d like to know more about low carbon gardening, there’s some great advice from gardening journalist and author Sally Nex at

Clare Slater

Member of Climate Action – West Northamptonshire (Facebook: @climateactionwestnorthants)

Sustainable-ish Ambassador for Northampton


For service information please see the Church Services page


Local news from the Northamptonshire villages of Cold Ashby, Cottesbrooke, Creaton, Guilsborough, Hollowell & Teeton and Thornby.

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