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A brief respite in the dull chilly weather coincided with the Open Gardens in Cottesbrooke. Much later in the year than usual they still looked splendid. People took advantage of the weather and strolled from one end of the village to the other, taking their time to see how others do it and to ask questions of the proud gardeners, and stopping off at the Village Hall for the essential tea and cake. It was also a great opportunity just to sit and chat and enjoy the surroundings.


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Little muntjacs are a rarity for me to see, so it was such a special treat when a little miniature deer ran across my garden and stopped to pick up a green apple, which the wind blew down. What is more, the next day there was another muntjac and again I thought what an exceptional opportunity to be able to see them. Nature’s Gifts and Beauty just keep giving though, and when I glanced out in the yard a day or so later I saw a baby muntjac with its mother, stretching up to touch her nose for a Good Morning kiss. Intimate tenderness and love expressed in the moment. Looking out of my window one night I saw an exciting and touching gymnastic display, a baby muntjac frolicking about, jumping like a jackrabbit as it ran circles around its mother. Then it came back for a quick nuzzle on the nose.

A few days later, sitting with my breakfast on my knees so that I can see what’s going on in Nature’s open theatre, and what a shock! The muntjac strutted right past my patio, about eight

feet in front of me! I nearly choked on my coffee I was so surprised!! Perhaps it was the weather – a mist had just begun to fall and there had been a faint clap of thunder - but for me, it was a beautiful parade of nature. Such a gorgeous gift with which to start my morning.

Another day, another muntjac but this time a gentleman, and rather shy with ears up and out, listening in case it needs to make a quick disappearance. As long as he doesn’t eat fruit from the newly planted trees, he is welcome—BUT he does stray into the newly-growing trees!

To finish off my Cottesbrooke Wildlife viewing, a red fox walked past my glass patio door. We locked eyes and then she strode on, heading innocently next door—into the sheep field! The cock pheasant comes by for his bread crumbs so I will put the food out now.

God bless our Earth.

Chris Utley


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Last updated Friday, October 1, 2021

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