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Take a little time to browse our pages and discover what goes on where and when in our area. Within our pages you can also find out who does what locally. If you would like to contribute anything to any of our pages, including your favourite picture from where you live in our area, please follow the links on the Contact Us page. We would love to carry all the info for your local club or association and best of all, it’s all for free!

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What’s on... in brief

Find out what’s on and where. Scroll down to see all listings, click on the month to go to the relevant page where you can view all the details or alternatively click on the Events Diary menu to choose which month to view.


See Cold Ashby’s page for their events

1st Christmas Drinks, Cottesbrooke

2-3rd Antiques Pop-Up, Cottesbrooke

3rd Christmas Fair, Daventry

3rd Lights for a loved one, Guilsborough

7th Guilsborough Friends Party

9th Creaton Walkers

9th Hollowell Cafe Christmas

9th Coffee Morning, Cottesbrooke

10th Carol Service, Cottebrooke

11th Guilsborough PC Meeting.

15th Hopewell Coffee & Chat, Hollowell

15th Christmas by Candlelight, GMADS in Guilsborough Church

16th Carol Service, Cold Ashby

17th Nine Lessons and Carols, Guilsborough

18th MMM Christmas Party, Guilsborough

20th Carol Singing, Guilsborough

22-24th Church Events, Creaton


See Cold Ashby’s page for their events

1st Creaton Walkers

13th Creaton Walkers

14th Coffee & Swap Shop, Cottesbrooke

19th Hopewell Coffee & Chat, Hollowell

27th Burns Night, Cottesbrooke


Regular Events:

Monday mornings - MMM,  evenings - Knitwits, Guilsborough.

Tuesday evenings - Creaton Singers.

 Thursdays mornings - Indoor Bowls, Creaton.

Sunday morning & Tuesday evenings -Tennis, Guilsborough

Tuesday & Thursday evenings  - Badminton, Guilsborough.

Thursday evening - Nia, Guilsborough

Last Saturday of the month - Painting at Thornby.


The Caldwell family clearly have some creative genes! The judges were enchanted by Katie’s vibrant painting of St Etheldreda’s Guilsborough, overflown by Santa and his reindeer, winning the 15 and over category; similarly the Postbox, Santa and Robin picture by younger sister Sophie, with appliqué snow, is beautifully three dimensional and wins the 10-14 category. Mum Chip sent in the beautiful frosty holly photo, which forms the left background of our banner and wins the adult category, and Diana Harper was runner-up with the frosty leaves photo on the right of the banner. In the 9 and under category it was Guilsborough Snow Girl by Libby Wilson from Cold Ashby that impressed us, meeting the ’local’ brief with originality. And what a poem from Lucas Gibson! Congratulations all round!

All winners and runners-up will be receiving prizes and certificates from the Village Link team.

All winners and runners-up will be receiving prizes and certificates from the Village Link team. Runners up are:

Pop! My eyes open,

Down the stairs I creep,

To find a bundle of colourful gifts,

Under the tree in a heap.

Click! Now the lights are on,

And now my parents are here,

We scream and shout and wave our arms,

And then we start to cheer.

Rip! Now our presents are open,

Look. I’ve got a toy,

Christmas is a wonderful time,

For all the girls and boys.

Ding! The family have arrived,

And now it’s time to eat,

Now lets have a Christmas dinner,

Come and take a seat.

Lucas Gibson

My Christmas Poem!!!

Santa in the Chimney, Eleanor Clark, aged 9

Village scene, Oscar Wilson, aged 11

Christmas Dinner poem and drawing Florence Willmore, aged 10

Merry Christmas picture and poem Coen Gibson, aged 8

Thank you to Hollowell Steam from the Village Link team for the donation!

It will help us keep advertising prices low for the local businesses that support us. Hollowell Steam gave away £73,000 to local charities, community groups and good causes. Full article on Hollowell & Teeton Village News page.

Picture shows Village Link’s Sarah Dalzell receiving a cheque from Jim Hollowell, with new chairman, Neil Byrd in the background.

Q. Why did Santa's helper see the doctor?
Answer revealed by clicking here!

Q. Who hides in the bakery at Christmas?
Answer revealed by clicking here!

Local news from the Northamptonshire villages of Cold Ashby,

Cottesbrooke, Creaton, Guilsborough, Hollowell & Teeton and Thornby.

Last updated Thursday, November 30, 2023

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