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The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

There were two celebration days here at Cold Ashby to mark the Queen’s jubilee. The first was on Friday 3rd June where our Platinum Generation residents and friends of the village were treated to a traditional afternoon tea by the Village Hall Trustees. It was a memorable occasion, and the guests all had a lovely afternoon where they were waited on and treated like royalty. Special thanks goes to the Village Hall Trustees who organised the event and to Carole Oliver, Julie Webb, Fiona and Alex Taylor, Michael and Joanne Park, Ruth Sleigh and Dave and Eleanor Harris for their help in making it such a special event.

Like many others, our second celebration on Sunday 5th June had to have a last-minute change of venue due to the inclement weather so instead of our planned outdoor event we held our family fun day picnic inside the village hall. The weather didn’t deter everyone’s enthusiasm for having a great time celebrating as a community. Special thanks to Alex and Fiona Taylor for organising the event and to the village hall trustees for stepping in at the last minute. Our generous Parish Council ensured that no-one went thirsty by paying for everyone’s drinks and on behalf of the village we would like to thank them for their kind generosity.

Charity Skittles night

This Spring, Cold Ashby lost two of its well-known and well-loved residents: Bob Gammage and Phil Bott. Both were keen skittles players and so a charity evening in their memory has been organised

and will take place on Saturday 20th August at 8pm at Cold Ashby Village Hall. There will be a skittles match, which is £2 pp to enter and each team will compete to win The ‘Bob and Phil memorial cup’ There will also be a raffle and all proceeds made on the evening will go to Alzheimer’s Research and Prostate Cancer. Everyone is welcome to join us…there’s no need to prebook.

Merry Comrades Circle May Day reunion

The Merry Comrades Circle was a children’s charity set up in conjunction with the local newspaper The Mercury and Herald to raise funds for the benefit of patients in local Northamptonshire hospitals. There were branches throughout Northamptonshire and Cold Ashby had a particularly active branch between the 1950’s and mid 1980’s. Each year in the village they held a traditional May Day, where one of the village boys and girls was crowned May King and May Queen. All of the other children in the village dressed in their best clothes and paraded around the village stopping off at certain points to dance around the Maypole. To reward them for all this hard work the children were treated to a special May Day tea in the village hall and entertainment was provided afterwards in the form of traditional games. It has been nearly forty years since the last May Day, so it was decided it was high time for a reunion with an opportunity to experience the traditional May Day tea and dance once again round the Maypole.


Over 40 ex Merry Comrades and their families attended and had a fabulous afternoon reminiscing about past days, swapping stories and looking after the old photos. The highlight of the afternoon was being able to dance round the Maypole to the old traditional songs and tunes we loved.

Special thanks goes to Margaret Harris who lovingly restored the Maypole to its former glory and to Julie Webb, Carole Oliver and Barbara Crew-gee for their help in preparing and serving the special May Day tea.


Saturday 6th August

Cold Ashby Village Hall 8pm

Quiz night

£2.50 (max of 6 members)

Light buffet inc.

Saturday 20th August

Cold Ashby Village Hall 8pm

Charity Skittles night


Tuesday 23rd August

Cold Ashby Playing Fields Pavilion

Cheese, Wine and film night



£5 inc. Supper

Saturday 3rd September

Cold Ashby Village Hall

Produce and cake show


Social evening



Saturday 24th September

Cold Ashby Village Hall

Race night


£2.50 Light buffet inc.

Tuesday  27th September

Cold Ashby Playing Fields Pavilion

Cheese, Wine and film night  ‘BELFAST’


£5 inc. supper


The Black Horse Public House, Cold Ashby, Survey Feb - Mar 2022

Scope of the survey - to identify wishes of Cold Ashby residents about what they want to happen with/at The Black Horse. Other public campaigns and engagements will also be analysed and integrated into the results and conclusion of this survey. Population and number of households in Cold Ashby are based on 2011 census and Cold Ashby Housing Needs Survey Report, July 2012.

Methodology - over 100 survey forms had been distributed in Cold Ashby, residents were asked to mark what they want to happen with/at The Black Horse and/or make any suggestions, 1 survey form per resident, anonymous and non-anonymous forms had been accepted.

Results of the survey analysis:

Wet led pub - 27 yes, which equals to 26% of all responses

Pub with basic food - 21 yes, which equals to 20% of all responses

Restaurant/gastro pub/fine dinery - 8 yes, which equals to 8% of all responses

Shop - 9 yes, which equals to 9% of all responses

Post office - 6 yes, which equals to 6% of all responses

Afterschool club - 2 yes, which equals to 2% of all responses

Nursery - 1 yes, which equals to 1% of all responses

Cinema - 1 yes, which equals to 1% of all responses

Anything else specific - Do: residential, follow your heart, tidy building, publicised activities, village life approach, welcoming environment, a good and resonating landlord, we wish you good luck with your endeavours with the Black Horse, we wish you every success in running a business from the Black Horse whatever you decide to do, exterior of the pub improved, improved exterior to be an asset to the village / Do Not: noisy extractor, smell of burgers, extra parking, a night club or a night bar, a bank - 29, which equals to 28% of all responses.

* 1 survey form has been disqualified due to the breach of terms and conditions of the survey.

Total survey forms submitted - 49 (18% of the population) where 21 were non-anonymous (8% of the population) and 28 were anonymous (10% of the population). Total responses for wet led pub - 27 (10% of the population) and total responses for all other types of pub - 29 (10% of the population).

Cold Ashby Parish Council meeting to discuss WND/2022/0437 on 06.07.22 analysis:

Total attended - 21, where: councillors - 7, residents - 12 (4% of the population), local authority representative - 1, police constable - 1. Total residents including councillors - 19 (7% of the population).

Save The Black Horse Online Campaign on Change.Org analysis:

Total signatures - 230. Total comments - 14 (2 non-resident, 12 resident). Total filtered signatures, assumed residents - 58 (21% of the population)

Save Our Pub Fly-Posting Campaign in Cold Ashby, June - July 2022 analysis:

Total posters - 43. Located on lampposts/traffic signs/electrical posts - 19. Located on commercial properties - 5. Located on residential properties - 19 (16% of households/population).

Conclusion and Proposed Solution:

It is reasonable to argue that around 13% (36 residents) of Cold Ashby population is actively interested about what is happening with/at The Black Horse. 13% population support is not sufficient to have The Black Horse Public House as a viable enterprise, whether it is just wet led pub or any other types of hospitality set ups. It could be argued that the possible solution could be for The Black Horse to become a destination pub, which will require the following measures taken - 1. 50 k investment into creation of kitchen facility and other redevelopment measures

2. Involvement of 2 part time members of staff (manager and maintenance person) and in excess of 2 volunteers to allow 5 days operation 3. Members of staff and volunteers must be representatives of the local community who is passionate about The Black Horse and who understands the local culture and what the community wants.

AEP UK LTD is fundraising 250,000£ towards its property portfolio redevelopment requirements. In return AEP UK LTD is ready to pay 5% interest per annum, fixed for 3 years, and provide 1st charge on the plot of land and property known as The Black Horse, Cold Ashby as a collateral. Buyout clause can also be discussed/negotiated. All questions and negotiations should be addressed to Paul Kuznecovs on paul@balticlink.co.uk or on 07939597604.

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