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Hollowell and Teeton Village Hall Lotto

The weekly prize draws of the game have been made, and the winners for the first 9 weeks of the year are:

Paul Hampton, Hannah Oswin, Roger Partington, Simon Armstrong, Charles Kitchen, Freddie Morris,

Pauline Kirton, Martin Leach, Sarah Long

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Village residents decided to take each other on, street for street, at the recent Hollowell Quiz Night. Teams representing Guilsborough Hill, Home Farm Yard, The Green and Church Hill (middle and high) battled it out over questions that demanded the identification of bisected chocolate bars, film themes and UK bridges.

Two teams, the Hillbillies and the Strangely Browne team tied on 69 points each. They couldn't even be split with a tie breaker, which was a question about the number of the first ball drawn in the UK National Lottery: both teams correctly chose 37.

Congratulations to all, and many thanks to the quiz masters and the organising team.

Please join us for our next Village Hall event: Friday 3rd May is the next Steam and Whistle pub night, so do bung the date in your diary.

We are also keen to add some fresh faces to the Village Hall Management Committee. We meet about once every six weeks to plan events and take care of the management of the hall. If you are interested in finding out more or helping in any way, please come along to our AGM at 7.30pm on Monday 15th April in the Hall.

A resident has expressed concern after finding dog Poo in the Pocket Park where the play equipment is located.

H & T P C’s Policy on Dogs in the Pocket Park can be viewed on the Councils’ web site:

http://www.hollowellandteeton.org.uk/policy-and-governance  Dogs in Pocket Park (November 2022)

Currently this does not prohibit dogs having access to all areas of the Pocket Park but does take account of the West Northamptonshire Council Public Spaces Protection Order (Dog Control and Prohibition of Smoking in Public Places) 2022

If a dog defecates at any time on land to which this Order applies, any person who is in control of the dog at the time must remove the faeces from the land forthwith unless;

there is a reasonable excuse for failing to do so.

the owner, occupier or other person or authority having control of the land has consented (generally or specifically) to the failure to do so.

H & T PC does NOT consent to the failure to do so in regard to Hollowell Pocket Park


On a chilly evening in February a group of us visited the Jomidar Lounge Indian restaurant, in Creaton for an evening of conviviality and curry. The food was delicious, and the conversation flowed as freely as the lager.

Those who had nobly walked up the hill were justifiably smug when they didn’t have to refuse the offer of Baileys on the house, from our kind and attentive hosts. How great now to have a really good place to meet with each other right on our doorsteps.


The damp evening of Friday 16th February saw a 16 strong contingent of Hollowellians, both male and female, board the surprisingly luxurious Lilbourne Community minibus. Our destination, the Potbelly Brewery in Kettering, for a tour and beer tasting evening.

After a warm welcome and a quick briefing on how the visit would be conducted, we were given descriptions of the fine range of drinks available to try; from the weakest beer (3.7 ABV) on the left to the strongest (5.5 ABV) on the right. We could also try a small selection of ciders and a “lager” that we later learned was in fact a very pale bitter with a lager taste. These were served as pints or halves all evening; the group favourites being the intriguingly named “Philanthropist Phil” and “Beijing Black”.

During the tasting there was much conversation and a fish and chip supper as an interlude.

Then into the brewery for a comprehensive talk by Ian, covering the history of the brewery and, with the aid of some ingredients to smell, a description of the process of brewing and how the recipes change the taste and colour of the finished beers.

All too soon it was time to board the minibus for the return journey. A good time was had by all, with suggestions of a repeat event.

H Kinch.


We are moving to the fourth Friday of the month until the summer.

The next dates:

Friday 26th April

Friday 24th May

Friday 28th June

Why not come and join us for a cuppa, a piece of delicious cake and a catch up with friends.

We meet in Hollowell Village Hall, 10.30am to 12.30pm   

For more information, or for help with transport, please call Paul on 07780 265614 or email: wearehopewell@gmail.com.



Web site: http://www.hollowellandteeton.org.uk

NB Enforcement

(i) Any person who fails to comply (with Articles 1 to 7 above) without a reasonable excuse

for doing so commits an offence.

(ii) A person committing an offence may be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice ("FPN") of

£100.00 by a Constable or Authorised Person, payment of which will discharge liability to conviction for that offence.

The Council will continue to monitor the Pocket Park and note any reports from residents in regard to the behaviour of dogs and persons in control of dogs, to determine if any changes need to be made to the Policy.

A. G. Crisp, Chairman


Hollowell residents have been entertained recently by three, new four-legged arrivals.  Leo, Ted, and Sid are alpacas and are sometimes to be spotted walking around the village with their 21-year-old owner Mia Blackman.

 Alpacas are like small llamas; they come from the mountainous regions of South America and are herd animals that have been particularly bred for their warm, wavy wool. Mia is planning to offer alpaca walking trips of about an hour each where clients can pay a small fee to walk with one of these characterful creatures.  But don’t interrupt her for too long if you see her and her animals.  

Alpacas are always on the lookout for fresh pasture. If Mia stops for a chat, she says the alpacas start making a humming noise to tell her to hurry up.   The alpacas will be sheared for the first time this May by a specialist mobile team of alpaca shearer who travel the UK in a caravan.  Then Mia hopes to go into production, making soft, warm hats, scarves, and toys.

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