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Budget and Precept (Council Tax) 2022 – 23

The Council determined it necessary to increase the Precept for the coming year in order to maintain services and take account of likely increases in costs.

The 59 (Welford to Market Harborough) and 60 (Welford to Northampton) bus service requires financial support and Hollowell & Teeton PC will provide a contribution, along with other local Parish Councils, with the expectation that the remaining funds will be provided by West Northants Council.

Street lighting electricity charges will be reviewed in September 2022, as part of the annual contract, so costs for the first half year can be accurately assessed but will be subject to change for the second half and this factor has been taken into account in preparing the annual budget.

The Clerk’s salary is determined at national level and negotiations have failed to agree salary scales which means when they are finally agreed it is likely to include a requirement for ‘back pay’ as well as an increase in future pay.

The Council has determined to provide the Clerk with appropriate renumeration for her services.

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With Faekov gone, I found the right button on the cream            telephone and asked my Secretary to come in as I needed            to send an urgent message to the Foreign Office. Looking               out of the window across St. James’s Park, I dictated a                memo to Sir Thomas Brimelow, the most senior official                 dealing with the USSR, explaining the situation including      the fact that there was no budget to pay Russian interpreters a fee (as I had been told) of £60 a day. I hoped he could help me find the money.

Turning to ask the Secretary to send the memo by messenger to the Foreign Office as soon as possible, I noticed that she had not written anything on what I took to be her shorthand notepad.  Had I been dictating too quickly, I asked? Her response was laconic: “No. I’m audio”. There then ensued a frantic search for a dictating machine. But once found, further delay occurred when it was discovered that the electric points at Lancaster House were different sizes on each floor. We hunted down a screwdriver and changed the machine’s plug.

Eventually, we got the memo to Sir Thomas and he found the money for the interpreters. Face was saved all round.  I telephoned the good news to Faekov. He, however, never apologised for causing so much turmoil. Diplomatic delicacy prevents me from recording what we called him.

Merrick Baker-Bates

One day in October 1972 I was summoned by my

boss at the Foreign Office and told that the Department

of the Environment (DOE) needed some help to run a UN

conference on marine pollution.  I knew nothing about

the prevention of the dumping of waste at sea, the

main theme of the conference, but I had had some

experience of UN meetings and that was good enough for

the DOE. I was given the rather grand title of Deputy Secretary-General, a large office with red flock wallpaper, a cream coloured telephone (unheard of in Civil Service circles) and, best of all, the perk of my own Secretary.

While absorbing the grand surroundings and feeling slightly overawed, I was told that a visitor wished to speak to me urgently. He turned out to be a Mr Faekov of the Soviet (Russian) Embassy who announced that a delegation would be arriving next day for the conference starting the following Monday. This was surprising news since the Russians had previously declined to participate, so we had made no preparations for their delegation. I pointed this out to Mr Faekov who brushed aside the problem and demanded interpreters, correctly insisting that Russian was an official language of UN meetings. He hinted that were his demands not met there could be serious repercussions on Anglo-Soviet relations. Promising to look into the matter urgently and let him know by telephone if interpreters could be found at such short notice, I saw him out.  


The Steam and Whistle pub nights are back.  We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 23rd April 7-11pm for a beer and a round of skittles.

Please save the date Saturday 18th June for a summer Barbecue at the Village Hall.


The first winners have been drawn for the 2022 Village Hall Lotto.  The lucky winning names for Jan and Feb each receive a crisp £10. There are still a few numbers up for grabs so if you want to purchase one or two, please contact Becky Gane  beckyjgane@gmail.com. Numbers are £10 each. All funds raised will go towards the maintenance of the Village Hall.

The winners are: Adam Suter, Julia Green, Alan Winterburn, Joan Leatherland, Graham Leah, Philip Litchfield, Mandy Crutchley, Linda Gilbert.

Allen Eaton MBE, the man who set up and led Hollowell Steam Rally for over 30 years has stepped out of retirement to run a rally for one more year.   Due to Covid there has been no steam rally in Hollowell for the last two years.  When the committee met in the new year to start planning the 2022 event, they decided they could not go ahead, due to problems obtaining permission for use of some neighbouring fields traditionally earmarked for camping and for parking. The decision was made to cancel the 2022 event and shut down altogether.

The news came as a surprise to Allen Eaton, who stepped down as Chairman three years ago.  The rally is immensely popular and has raised 1.8 million pounds for local charities and community groups.  It has come a long way since 1986 when it was started by Allen as a small event to raise funds to repair the church roof.

Allen explains that the Steam Rally field owns the 25 acre field on which the main rally is held, but the rules of ownership are such that if no rally is held for three consecutive years, the field must

 be sold and the proceeds placed in a charitable trust.

"It would be a terrible shame to lose this valuable local amenity, just because Covid came along." he says.    

Allen and his wife Jane are proposing to run a smaller version of the rally, with the new title “Hollowell Steam and Vintage Rally”, on its usual dates of 2nd and 3rd July for just one year.  "That will hopefully give everyone breathing space and time to think about how to move forward long term,"  he says.

The pair, who live on Creaton Road in Hollowell, are appealing for help from the community to get this year's show on the road.   If you can offer some support please call Allen on 01604 505422 or mobile 07802 570590. Email alleneaton@hotmail.co.uk.  Exhibitors, local charities and stall holders are also invited to apply to attend using the same details above.


Congratulations to Martha Corby and Robert Sutton on the arrival of their baby son George Roy Sutton.   George was born Wednesday 16th February, weighing 7 pounds 13 ounces.  We all look forward to meeting our newest resident.

What lovely news!



Saturday 4th June at Hollowell Village Hall Car Park.  Please save the date.  We would love to see everyone from Hollowell & Teeton there. Let's make it a day to remember. Contact Wesley Suter wes@steffans.co.uk


Thanks to all the hard work at Hollowell FAFF last summer, Hollowell Pocket Park Action Committee was able to step in and assist the Parish Council with the purchase of a new double swing frame.  

The old swing had to be condemned due to rot in some of the supporting posts.   HPPAC was able to use their portion of the funds raised at the FAFF to buy a new timber swing frame and the appropriate safety matting.

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