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Welcome to the Village Link website. Please take a little time to browse our pages and discover what goes on where and when in our area. Within our pages you can also find out who does what locally. If you would like to contribute anything to any of our pages, including your favourite picture from where you live in our area, please follow the links on the Contact Us page. We would love to carry all the info for your local club or association and best of all, it’s all for free!

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What’s on... in brief

Find out what’s on and where. Scroll down to see all listings, click on the month to go to the relevant page where you can view all the details or alternatively click on the Events Diary menu to choose which month to view.


5th - GPFA AGM, Guilsborough

10th - Creaton Walking Group

14th - Creaton WI History of Ballet

15th - Creaton History Group

19th - Guilsborough Difibrillator Training

19th - Guilsborough WI Cake decoration

21st - Guilsborough Pre-school Open Day

23rd - Hollowell Quiz Night

24th - Creaton Litter Pick

27th - Hollowell Steam Committee Meeting


3rd - Creaton Concert

6th - Creaton Parish Council

9th - Creaton Playing Fields AGM

10th - Creaton Walking Group

10th - Lent Lunch, Guilsborough

14th - Creaton WI Life in Spain

14th - 17th - GMADS “A Damsel In Distress” with a Charity Gala on Saturday 17th

17th - Creaton St. Patrick’s Night

19th - Guilsborough WI Keep Safe with Northants Police

20th - Speaker's Corner at Ravensthorpe - 'The Final Photographs of Scott of The Antarctic'

22nd - Guilsborough WI Theatre Trip

Most Mondays - MMM coffee etc at Guilsborough Village Hall 9-11am


Jenny Sheehan, of  The Gables, Cold Ashby, is our adult winner for completing the crossword correctly and solving the Polygon (FESTIVITY); identifying most words of three letters or more.  Jenny wins a £30 voucher towards dining out at the Witch & Sow in Guilsborough.

The under 18 prize of a £10 Amazon voucher goes to Katie Caldwell (aged 9) of Guilsborough


Hollowell Steam Show is a major date on the local calendar, run totally by volunteers for the benefit of local Churches and Good Causes.

Organised by a group of people from the area, they meet in Hollowell Village Hall on the last Tuesday of the month, if you are interested in this event continuing please come along, you will be made most welcome. The Group is looking for someone who will take on the role of main organiser to take over from Allen Eaton the present Chairman who will retire at the end of 2018.

The Show has a tried and tested formula which could continue or if so needed could be altered, so long as it is for the benefit of the local charities and good causes who rely on it to continue their good work.  If you or a group could take on this role please contact Allen on 07802 570 590 or 01604 505 422 or come to a meeting.  Please do not allow this event to end.

Email  hshhs@hotmail.co.uk  for more information


At the time of writing, the share issue for the community shop in Creaton has realised £75,000. This is an extraordinary figure and many thanks go to those who have bought shares. Even though the share issue has closed, you can still become a member of Creaton Community Benefit Society and have a say in the running of the new shop. You do this by buying one share (£20).


Fundraising still continues and in early March there will be a concert held at St Michael’s. The Wonderful World of Creaton will feature soloists Dawn Mallard-Parker, Susannah Carr and Jonathan Carr, and the Creaton Singers. The songs will be interspersed with poetry and readings arranged by Robert Grange. The concert takes place on Saturday March 3rd and starts at 7pm. Refreshments, including a glass of wine, will be available. Tickets are £10 (accompanied children free) and are available from Creaton Post Office. All proceeds are in support of the new community shop.

For more information about Creaton Village Shop, contact Richard Hollingum on 07887 652599 or richard@creatonvillageshop.co.uk. You can also look at our website, www.creatonvillageshop.co.uk and we are on Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram. Let us know you are there and we can follow you.

Cottesbrooke Estate kindly allows 4 miles of permissive access around fields next to Creaton village. This links the Macmillan Way, allowing people access to the countryside. This is part of an Environmental Stewardship scheme. The Estate clearly marks these routes and it is important that walkers stick to the paths, as areas not involved are part of other schemes to encourage wildlife and to help improve the environment. All dogs must be on leads in accordance with the countryside code and Natural England rules on permissive access.

Lately we have been having issues with people parking cars in gateways at the access points to walk dogs. This has caused issues

 with access for farm equipment. There is no parking for paths and we would ask people not to park on or around these access points.

We have also seen an increase in litter generally. The Countryside Code states: “Litter and leftover food doesn’t just spoil the beauty of the countryside, it can be dangerous to wildlife and farm animals – so take your litter home with you. Dropping litter and dumping rubbish are criminal offences”. We ask people using the permissive access to please take their litter and dog dirt away with them. The Estate hopes you continue to enjoy the amenity that the permissive access provides, and encourages considerate and responsible users of the countryside.

Henry Clemens, Cottesbrooke Estate



Click the pictures too see them larger.

snow 5 snow 16 snow 9 snow 14 snow 15 snow 11 snow 12 snow 6 snow 4 snow 7

Hollowell: A number of residents enjoyed the two recent periods of snowy weather. The young and not so young were glimpsed skimming down the slopes on sledges. There’s also some lovely views across the village and in the fields.

GUILSBOROUGH’S nursery slope (top left) and the favoured ‘red run’, just before the sledgers arrived (below left) . Photos courtesy of Dawn Davidson and Caroline Houghton. A snowy Preschool (top right) and a view of St Etheldreda (bottom right) were also sent in.

snow 8

CREATON: This snowy vista kindly provided by Richard Hollingum.

COLD ASHBY This photo is not new, but it is so beautiful that, in the absence of any recent images sent in by residents or correspondents, we thought we would borrow it from the PC facebook page!

snow 2 snow 1 snow 3

COTTESBROOKE: Sledgers enjoying the snow on the Main Street, Molly sees what the excitement is about and the Clemens family snowman bows out!

snow 13

On a general note to all our readers, if you have a photo of your village or villagers that you are allowed to share, please do send it in, we will feature it if we can.

snow 10

Local news from the Northamptonshire villages of Cold Ashby, Cottesbrooke, Creaton, Guilsborough, Hollowell & Teeton and Thornby

Last updated Friday, March 9, 2018

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