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Well, due to Covid, not a lot really however with the Government likely to ease restrictions for the Christmas period it’s worth checking our Events Diary Pages which will be updated regularly with any new events!

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As you will no doubt have seen, the Christmas 2020 stamps carry the theme of the Nativity as shown through stained-glass windows. You may also know that one of these stamps is taken from St James Church in Hollowell.

Reverend Allison Twigg said that she was thrilled that the window was selected, “It is indeed an honour and will bring much needed joy to our village community in 2020”.

It is not known how the window came to be selected. However, a number of organisations, including The Victorian Society, have reviewed the windows in the church over the years and it is thought that it had been selected from the archives of one of these societies.

The Church of St James was funded by the Rev JD Watson in 1840, and designed by Sampson Kempthorne. It is in the Gothic style, and is known for its beautiful stained-glass windows in the eastern apse of the chancel. The windows were designed by Henry Holiday and made by J Powell & Sons, in 1863.

Each lancet window features a single narrative panel contained within a quatrefoil, set against a background of decorative paint work in the manner of the 13th century Decorated style. The north-eastern window depicts the Baptism of Christ, the central the Crucifixion, and the south-eastern, as in the stamp, shows the Virgin Mary and Christ child within the stable. The brightly coloured pieces of flashed ruby glass, and turquoise, blue, pink and purple tones demonstrates the wide variety and high quality of the glass made at Powell’s glassworks.




Local family business and Village Link advertiser, Welford Christmas Tree Farm has won the Christmas Tree equivalent of ‘The Oscars’ for the fourth time, with their beautiful 2020 Festive Wreath. This means their wreath will hang on the door of no.10 Downing Street this year. Congratulations to Will and Ella Miles!

More good news—the Christmas Tree Farm is open for purchases. Please check their website for information, or their facebook page.

Email enquiries to:


Tel: 01858 657008

Can you solve our FESTIVE PUZZLES? Click here to view or download for printing - there’s something for all ages!

Guilsborough Station Manager

Q. Are there different roles for different skills, ages?

No.All firefighters are trained to the same skill set to include breathing apparatus wearers, RTC operatives, trauma care & HGV emergency fire appliance driving.

Q.’s the farthest distance you are called out to assist?

We are normally the first pump in attendance within anmile radius. However, we can be called to assist other counties.

Q. What commitment do volunteers make?

We are not volunteers, we are paid members of staff and are trained to the same standard as the wholetime workforce.

Q. Have you had any recruits go on to join the wholetime service?

Yes, some people have joined from the on-call service to the wholetime service.There are many people in the wholetime service who also work as an on-call fire fighter in their time off.

Q. How often are you called out?

Normally, between 1-3 times per week.Entirely dependent on weather, crew availability, time of year.

Q. What does an average year look like in terms of number of call outs? Type/category of call outs.

Some on-call stations can have 300 a year, but Guilsborough average approximately 100. These are made up of road traffic collisions, chimney fires, animal rescue, co-responding (assisting East Midlands Ambulance Service), chemical incidents, house fires, car fires, farm fires, field fires.

Q. Have call outs changed since you started the job?

House fires have dramatically reduced due to an increase in fire safety, education and an increase in smoke detectors in properties.

Q. Worst bits of the job

Dealing with upsetting situations.

Q. Biggest surprise

Number of skills you are required to acquire and master.

Q. What’s your day job?

Mercedes project 1 engine builder.

Q. How much does this interfere with family life?

It has a small impact on my family,they are proud that I serve my local community.

The new recruit

Q. What motivated you to step up?

I wanted to challenge myself and become an important part of my community.

Q. How physical is the work? How fit do you need to be?

It is very physical.You do need a good level of fitness to be able to become a fire fighter.

Q. Is it what you expected? How different?

The role of a fire fighter is extremely varied. During the induction process you are well informed on what is expected.Full training in all areas is provided and refreshed on a regular basis.

Q. What’s the biggest challenge for you?

Overcoming your own fears and trusting in the equipment and training you have been given.

Q. What do you enjoy the most?

Rescuing/helping people. Being part of a great version of yourself. Learning new skills. Responding on blue lights. Working alongside all other emergency services.

Q. What’s your day job?

Leisure Centre area manager.


Following on from the successful advert for new recruits in our last edition, we asked two members from Guilsborough Station for some insight to the role.

Autumn 2020

Saxon Spires Virtual Carers Drop-In

The Saxon Spires Patient Participation Group is working with the Practice and Northamptonshire Carers to offer a Virtual Carers Drop-In session on Zoom, each month.  The past few months have been especially difficult for carers.  If you look after someone, you are welcome to join the meeting. They will be held on the first and third Tuesday each month 1.30pm - 2.30pm.  To join the meeting call: Northamptonshire Carers on 01933 677837 or 01933 677907 for log-in details.

SSPPG Meetings

The bimonthly SSPPG Meetings are now being held on Zoom.  The next meeting is on Tuesday 1st December 6.30pm. If you are interested in supporting the work of the Practice and would like to join the group, please contact the Secretary re information about the SSPPG contact the Secretary, Barbara Hogg on 01604 880552 or email  There is more information about our meetings and events, on the Saxon Spires website.


Local news from the Northamptonshire villages of Cold Ashby, Cottesbrooke, Creaton, Guilsborough, Hollowell & Teeton and Thornby.

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