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What’s on... in brief

Member Tennis in several villages

Golf in Cold Ashby

Cricket is back on in Guilsborough

Member Fishing at the Guilsborough Fishponds and Anglian Water reservoirs

Pubs, hairdressers and beauticians are open for business and Churches are open for worship.

Zoom get togethers continue...  

To commemorate our 100th edition, scroll down this page and check out the two WALKING & CYCLING ROUTES connecting our Village Link communities. Many thanks to graphic artist Chris Reading for making them so beautiful!

Welcome to the Village Link website. We’re a small not for profit organisation staffed by volunteers and cannot justify the expense of an SSL certificate. This certificate is what changes a web address from http to https. Google will soon change how they label sites; instead of labelling sites with a certificate as secure they will label sites without one as insecure. We keep this site as secure as we can and is as secure as it ever has been. Please do not be put off!

Take a little time to browse our pages and discover what goes on where and when in our area. Within our pages you can also find out who does what locally. If you would like to contribute anything to any of our pages, including your favourite picture from where you live in our area, please follow the links on the Contact Us page. We would love to carry all the info for your local club or association and best of all, it’s all for free!

The map on the left is fully navigable plus you can zoom in and out by using the controls in the top left corner and if you view the larger map you can enter street view by dragging the little yellow person onto the map to where you want to view and go for a virtual walk around our streets and lanes.

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With so many of us embracing gardening and productivity in the past few months, either through desire or enforced restrictions, the Village Link team thought it would be fun to hold a Virtual Produce Show for this August/September 100th edition of Village Link.  

Please share your green fingered or culinary delights with us and submit entries into the classes below by Sunday September 6th.  Each entry should be a photograph for a class as defined below, with you in the photo with your entry. So, think how best to show your exhibit to include you. Produce must be grown by you.  Please include your name, age (if under 18), and home village with your entry

emailed to  
Happy growing/baking, and good luck!

Prize for ‘Best in Show’ in the Judges’ opinion. Winners will be exhibited in the next issue of Village Link and all entries will be on the website.


1.  Best/most uniform array of 4 vegetables (e.g. 4 runner beans, 4 potatoes, 4 carrots).

2.  Best/most uniform array of 4 fruits (e.g. 4 apples, 4 plums, 4 tomatoes, 4 strawberries).

3.  Most unusual vegetable/fruit. (Can be enhanced by props if you wish).

4.  Best Garden on a Plate. Children and adult categories.

5.  Best border of flowers/flowering plant, with you in the picture, with “Summer Sun” as the theme.

6.  Most appetising looking baked item. The item the Judges would most like to eat. It can be anything as long as it is baked. Children and Adult categories.

 The photo shown here is just illustrative of what might be for Class 5, but we need you in the picture as well!

EDITORIAL MESSAGE from Angela Hubbard & Andrea King

Angela Hubbard VL since 2003

I’ve lived in Guilsborough with husband Peter since 2002.  I work full time as an Account Manager for a beauty company.  I am a keen bridge player and love walking, travel and reading.  I am a member of the WIGS (Woman in Guilsborough) where we meet once a month for various activities. Since the beginning of Village Link I’ve coordinated the advertising and much of the fundraising and grant applications!

Andrea King VL since 2003

I’ve lived in Guilsborough with husband Simon since 1998. Our two daughters were born and raised here and are now at University. I work (nearly) full-time as a marketing consultant in the aviation industry and have recently added a tech startup to my clients. I love reading and belong to a thriving book club and the local tennis club. You might see me walking the lanes and fields with my young collie, or with fellow team mate Sarah and her black lab!

Sarah Dalzell VL since 2006

I moved to Guilsborough in 2000 with my husband Ian, two step children and my two children.  I am a farmer’s daughter and, although now retired, I worked in consultancy in the agricultural,  horticultural and environmental sectors.  Some of you will know me through organising tennis at GTC.  I also enjoy walking and belong to the art group, and book group in the village, and help with RDA at Holdenby.

Eve Wooldridge VL since 2018

Dave, my Husband, and I moved to Guilsborough 9 years ago from Hollowell where we had lived for 8 years. As well as helping with Village Link I am also on the Village Hall Committee. My hobbies include gardening, walking, acting with GMADS, playing tennis (when I can) and I am a member of one of the many book groups here. I love spending time with our family and friends and visiting our home in Dorset.

Tony Hart VL since 2006

I moved to Guilsborough in 1975 when I married Julia, whose family have lived here for numerous generations, and our children were born and educated here. I helped Village Link take its first steps into the “online” world by designing and maintaining the website. I work full time as a train driver instructor and have been a Parish Councillor for over twelve years. I’m also an assistant Scout Leader and enjoy the wonders of the computer, caravanning and photography in my spare time.

Richard Hollingum VL since 2019

Patsy & I arrived in Creaton in 2007 when I was a lecturer in Journalism and Media Production at Northampton University until I retired. Since then I have been part of the team that brought about the community  enterprise Creaton Village Shop and I am a trustee of Northamptonshire ACRE. When not doing these things, I take photographs, write a bit and generally avoid anything  strenuous. I joined the Village Link team with issue 91 and look after the Cottesbrooke and Creaton pages.

Katie Fulcher VL since 2012

I have lived in Guilsborough for 22 years with my husband Mike and two daughters Jenny and Rebecca (now grown up and out in the big wide world). When not working as a pharmacist I enjoy running, walking, travelling (covid permitting), reading and cooking, with a glass of wine of course! I generally look after the Guilsborough pages, appreciating the opportunity to “give back” to the great community we live in.

Mark Revitt Smith VL since 2018

I have lived in Guilsborough, with my wife Judithe, for 45 years. We have two children, who now have families of their own. All my working life I have been affiliated to agriculture and running my own company, but   retired two years ago. I am a great National Trust fan, enjoy country pursuits, and walking with my Border Cross Norfolk Terrier,  mainly on the rights of way in Cottesbrooke. I coordinate distribution of the newsletter.

more about the current editorial team!

Village Link remains a bi-monthly printed publication (although we regularly ask ourselves if we should be going 100% digital—should we?). It is delivered free of charge to every household by a team of 29 volunteer distributors - who have continued to do this through Coronavirus lockdown and who undoubtedly deserve a round of applause.

There are many people who we would like thank for their help, besides those already mentioned. Previous members of the editorial team Catriona Bracken, Alex Lowry, Kathryn Purchase and Doug McEwan.  All our village correspondents who send in stories and news from each village (we are always looking for more)! All the loyal advertisers, one of which, Merrick Bowles Learn to Drive, has been with us from the very beginning.  We’d also like to thank the Hollowell Steam Rally, Guilsborough PC and Creaton PC for their donations to help with the printing costs, and everyone who kindly donated to our Just Giving Fund Raising a couple of years ago, when we were running low on funds.

Please let us know if there is anything else you would like to see, we are always open to suggestions.  We hope you enjoy this special full colour edition of Village Link!  

Who’d have thought on that Summer evening back in 2003 that we would now be producing our 100th edition!  The late Glanville Hart invited (some would say coerced!) us together with fellow neighbour Catriona Bracken to take over the editorship of the village magazine from Ann Carter, who wanted to hand over the reins. Glanville contributed a huge amount to this newsletter; gathering the team, raising funds, keeping his ear to the ground for news and information, coordinating distribution and being instrumental in bringing Creaton into the fold as well. We remember him with huge fondness and regard.

Village Link was born on that evening and has not missed an issue since! It has covered many topics affecting the local area over the years, like the proposed gravel pit, wind farms, mobile phone mast up at the Church and even the hunting ban - always trying to give a balanced view! We were joined on the editorial team by Tony Hart, who created a website for us back in 2006 and is still the place to find current and previous copies online.

The aim of Village Link is to let you know about activities, clubs and services across the villages. It’s also about local people, so please send your stories in, it helps bring the newsletter to life. In that vein, we decided we should introduce the people behind the newsletter to you in this edition so you can find out

To commemorate our 100th edition, scroll down this page and check out the two WALKING & CYCLING ROUTES connecting our Village Link communities. Many thanks to graphic artist Chris Reading for making them so beautiful!

walking route.pdf cycling route.pdf

Click a map to download a printable pdf to keep.


Local news from the Northamptonshire villages of Cold Ashby, Cottesbrooke, Creaton, Guilsborough, Hollowell & Teeton and Thornby.

Last updated Sunday, August 2, 2020

Copy deadline for next printed edition: Sunday 6th September 2020