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Mondays: MMM coffee etc., Guilsborough

Thursdays: Wellbeing Group, Hollowell

Fridays: Short Mat Bowls, Cold Ashby


1st Enrolment opens for WEA 9 week Course

5th Christmas Tree Switch On , Guilsborough

7th & 8th Creaton Singers at Welford Christmas Tree Farm

7th Cafe Christmas at Hollowell

7th Northampton Male Voice Choir at Thornby

9th Guilsborough PC Meeting

11th Creaton WI

12th Guilsborough WI

14th Creaton Walking Group

15th Carol Service, Thornby

15th Advent Sheep Trail, Guilsborough

16th MMM Christmas Party, Guilsborough

16th Guilsborough Carolling

17th Carols on The Green followed by a concert with The Creaton Singers, Creaton

19th ‘Blue Christmas’ Service, St Denys, Ravensthorpe

19th FOSM History Group - Radio Days

20th Hopewell Coffee & Chat at Hollowell

21st Carol Services Cold Ashby &t Creaton

22nd Carol Services Cottesbrooke & Guilsborough

24th Carol Service Hollowell

29th Quiz Night at The Red Lion, Thornby


1st & 11th Creaton Walking Group

14th Creaton WI

14th Creaton PC Meeting

16th FOSM History Group - William Cowper

17th Hopewell Coffee & Chat at Hollowell

20th Guilsborough WI - History of Medicine

28th Cold Ashby Cinema - Blinded by the Light

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In early November the Village Link postbag (and inbox) was brimming with festive delights from local children. Our thanks and congratulations to everyone who took part; it was difficult choosing!

 Every entry received is shown below, just click a thumbnail to see that image enlarged.

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9 from Naseby and at the other end of the scale Honey Goodrick aged 10¾ from Maidwell must have spent hours on the beautiful festive snow globe featured bottom right. Very well done!

pic 1 pic 2 pic 3 pic 4

Our close Runners Up are next. The inspiration for our banner came from the entry submitted by 3 year old Hugo Newborough and his Mum Sophie of Guilsborough who we decided were our most Festive Family with their 3D lifesize snowman!Eight year old Chloe Schanschieff of Guilsborough impressed the judges with her beautifully

Firstly, our winners in age order from left to right. Tilly Hanlovic aged 5 was the stand out winner in the youngest age group with her picture of presents under the tree, the beautiful Robin perched on holly is by Francesca Darker, aged 8, also from Guilsborough.  Father Christmas stuck in the Chimney had the judges chuckling and wins for Evie McGregor, aged

pic 5 pic 6 pic 7 pic 8 pic 9

Matilda Hardwick



Daisy Codd submitted two entries

Cohen Gibson

Our 9 year olds:

Our 6 year old:

Our 5 year olds:

Ben C

Alex Paton

Lucy Schanschieff

Finn Murray

Daniel Gooch

Olive Kinsella


Charlie T


Harry C

Charlie Hudson

Caty McGregor

decorated hanging baubles. Rosa Harper, aged 9 and also of Guilsborough created a stunning nightscape full of atmosphere and the final runner up was 10 year old Faye Platt from West Haddon, with her bright, original and nicely detailed Elf. Well done to you all, we’ll be in touch soon with your prizes!

Here’s all the other entries we received starting with our 4 year olds:

Noah Stockley

Megan Rowe

Lucas Wesley

Lucas Dickenson


Lacy Boggs Page



Beatrice Banks

Tyler Stokwin

Seb Crouch

Ruby Reeve

Rosa Harper


Our 10

year olds:





Harry W

Harry Haines



Freddy Canham







Alex Chapman

Sonny Jones

Rueben Mark Fallon


Our 11

year olds:

And Lastly we have a few with missing information:



pic 10 pic 11 pic 12 pic 13 pic 14 pic 15 pic 16 pic 16a pic 17 pic 19 pic 20 pic 21 pic 22 pic 24 pic 25 pic 26 pic 28 pic 29 pic 30 pic 31 pic 32 pic 33 pic 34 pic 35 pic 36 pic 37 pic 38 pic 39 pic 40 pic 41 pic 42 pic 43 pic 44 pic 45 pic 46 pic 47 pic 48 pic 49 pic 50 pic 51 pic 52 pic 53 pic 57 pic 58 pic 59 pic 56 pic 55 pic 54 pic 18 pic 23 pic 27


We are delighted to announce that we won The Nation's Favourite Garden as voted by garden visitors in conjunction with The English Garden magazine and NGS

Hearty congratulations to Ian and Susie Pasley-Tyler and all of their gardeners and volunteers!


There’s no garden collection during week commencing 23rdas there’s an additional blue recycling collection that week. Christmas trees can be put out in garden bins, alongside bins during week commencing 6thor taken to a recycling centre. See


Local news from the Northamptonshire villages of Cold Ashby, Cottesbrooke, Creaton, Guilsborough, Hollowell & Teeton and Thornby.

Last updated Wednesday, December 4, 2019

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