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Congratulations to Mary Fowler on this beautiful painting of a festive Robin which wins her the adult category in the Christmas Picture Competition. In the younger age group Hazel Rolls (aged 6) from Thornby produced this happy festive people picture, which the judges found charming. In the older age group Joshua Heydon aged 10 from Hollowell captured our rural community at Christmas time in an original and nicely detailed festive picture. The judges found it VERY difficult to choose between these and the strong runners up: Lucy Schanschief (aged 6),  Annabel Derbyshire and Madeline Feerick, both aged 10 and all from Guilsborough.

Well done to everyone who entered! All winners receive a small prize, and our thanks for sharing their wonderful work!

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1st Christmas Fare at Cottesbrooke

7th Festive Friday at Guilsborough Primary

8th Creaton Walking Group

8th Christmas Cafe at Hollowell

9th Creaton Singers at Christmas tree farm

9th Guilsborough Guides Tea Party

12th Creaton WI Christmas Party

16th Guilsborough Advent Sheep Trail

17th URC Carol Service at Creaton

17th Guilsborough MMM Christmas Party

18th Carol Singing in Guilsborough

18th Creaton Carolling and Concert

20th  FOSM History Group


1st Creaton Walking Group

9th Creaton WI

12th Creaton Walking Group

15th Ravensthorpe Speakers Corner

17th FOSM History Group

21st Guilsborough WI

24th Guilsborough Neighbourhood Plan Voting

Most Mondays - MMM coffee etc at Guilsborough Village Hall 9-11am

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100 years after the end of the first World War


From art and sculpture, drama and storytelling, prayer and music, we remembered their sacrifice.






Four years of war – 100 years of memories

For two nights in the village hall in Guilsborough the GMADS under the direction of Pam Townsend captured the mood and feelings of the Nation with a deeply touching memory of the Great War.  The war to end all wars - which wasn’t!

This was such a moving production which encapsulated the Spirit and tragedy of that 1914/8 conflict. The audience could not have failed to appreciate the tremendous amount of research which this event demanded.  It was presented with such sympathy, understanding and accuracy.

Pam Townsend has the wonderful ability to inspire all the cast who portrayed their parts with sincerity and meaning.  It was interesting to note that a number of young budding actors were involved who took their parts so seriously. Fine potential for the future.  

This was a deeply moving production and there is little doubt that there were lumps in many throats and tears in many eyes when the end of the evening arrived and the curtain closed on that final scene .

We shall not forget!

Len Hinderer

As well as the GMADS production, WW1 was remembered in drama by a travelling production which visited Guilsborough CEVA Primary School. The school report can be found on our Guilsborough Village News page.

Keiran Wesley


Cooper Mills

Bluebell Renic

Bertie Hudson

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DDC Waste and recycling arrangements

Collections will continue to take place as usual over the Christmas and New Year period, except for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day:

If your collection is due on Christmas Day (Tuesday, 25 Dec) it will instead take place on Saturday, 29 December.

If your collection is due on New Year’s Day (Tuesday, 1 Jan) this will instead take place on Saturday, 5 January.

During the week beginning 7 January 2019, we will be carrying out an extra collection of your recycling bin on your usual day. Please put your blue-lidded bin out during this week, alongside any other bins that are scheduled.

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