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Mondays: MMM coffee etc., Guilsborough

Thursdays: Wellbeing Group, Hollowell

Fridays: Short Mat Bowls, Cold Ashby


8th Hollowell Big Breakfast

8th Creaton Walkers

10th Guilsborough PC Meeting

12th Creaton WI - Street Pastor

13th Speakers Corner - Ravensthorpe

17th Guilsborough WI - Creative Writing

20th FOSM History Group - Agatha Christie

21st Hopewell Meeting, Hollowell

25th Shrove Tuesday

28th Hollowell Hens - Wine Tasting


8th Rev’d Chris Peck’s last service, Guilsborough

8th Point to Point Races - Pony races 1pm, horses 2pm. Guilsborough.

9th Guilsborough PC Meeting

11th Creaton WI - Millicent Fawcett

14th Creaton Walkers

16th Guilsborough WI - Wine Tasting

19th FOSM History Group King Edward II

20th Hopewell Meeting, Hollowell

20th Hollowell Hens - Bring a Board Game

21st Cold Ashby’s Breakfast ay St Denys

21st Lent Lunch, Guilsborough

22nd Mothering Sunday

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On 14th June 1645, parliament’s New Model Army fought King Charles I’s army at Naseby and won. It was the battle of the first English Civil War and just nights before, King Charles stayed at Daventry’s Wheatsheaf Inn with his Royalist forces camped on Borough Hill.

The Anglia Rediviva, written by Joshua Sprigg in 1647, a “history of the motions, actions, and successes” of Sir Thomas Fairfax’s New Model Army, describes the route taken by the army during their march to Naseby. They approached from Cold Ashby via “Guilesbury”

(Guilsborough) where they had stayed for one night on 13th June 1645, after almost certainly passing through Brington, East Haddon, Ravensthorpe and Coton. Indeed, several days earlier it was reported that fifty sheep and lambs had been taken from Ravensthorpe and Teeton.

On Saturday 11th January 2020 Daventry Museum’s exhibition commemorating the Battle of Naseby: 375 years .Daventry’s Place in the Conflict, opened to a huge number of visitors. The exhibition is a collaboration with the Naseby Battlefield Project, the first of a number of planned in the run up to the 375th anniversary.

Many items in the exhibition are on display for the very first time, including archaeology from the site like a ‘love token’, playing dice and coins. Other exhibits include original armour and swords, contemporary paintings of soldiers and views of the battle itself. One highlight, Fairfax’s campaign cup and flask given to him by Cromwell, is on loan from The National Civil War Centre, Newark.

Daventry’s exhibition is open until 24th April (Tuesday-Friday 9.30am-1.30pm) plus the first Saturday of every month (10am-4pm) when re enactors from the Sealed Knot will attend. Throughout the exhibition’s run there will be plenty of activities for younger visitors. Check the museums website or the Facebook page for updates.

DOWNLOAD THE WHAT3WORDS APP TO YOUR PHONE to help the emergency services locate you. This system is particularly useful in rural areas where postcodes are not effective. The UK's emergency services are encouraging us to download this app to help them do their work faster.

How do I use what3words in an emergency?
Find the 3 word address for your current location on the free what3words app for iOS and Android. It works offline – ideal for areas with unreliable data connection.
Share your 3 word address over the phone to the call handler. The emergency service can then coordinate a response directly to the exact location where help is needed.




A date for your diaries - an event all villages are invited to attend, not just for Guilsborough.

On Friday 8th May 1-5pm there will be a celebration at theField to include themed entertainment, stalls, a street party tea, vintage cars and more. At 3pm it is hoped to join the nation with pipers playing and a toast to the heroes of WW2.

At 7pm there is a national Cry for Peace and bells will ring out throughout the country.

Evening entertainment in the Village Hall – a themed dinner and dance.

On Sunday 10th May there will be a service of celebration and commemoration and a playing of The Last Post.

Good Neighbours Schemes are established and run by local people to provide day-to-day support for other residents who may need help on an occasional or regular basis.

The aim is to support neighbours to maintain a good quality of life, remain independent in their own homes if they wish to, and reduce their reliance on statutory health and care support systems.

Daventry District Council is working with Northants ACRE to develop schemes across Daventry District.

How the scheme works:

In order for a Good Neighbours scheme to work in a village, parish area or neighbourhood, we need at least one person from that area to volunteer as a co-ordinator.job is to match people who need help, with volunteers in the area who are willing to give that help.

The overall aim is to help vulnerable or older people with everyday tasks such as:

schemes funded by Daventry District Council and now operating in our district are Moulton, Crick, Welton and Byfield. They have collectively helped 160 residents, provided 88 volunteers, and have set up referral links with local GP Surgeries. Recently endorsed by The Prince’s Countryside Fund, the scheme was also featured in the Village Survival Guide, a new book published to help rural communities thrive.

For more information on setting up a scheme or to arrange a visit, call Daventry District Council on 01327 871100

CHRISTMAS PICTURE WINNERS (below) receive their prizes at Guilsborough Primary School assembly, and Sofie, Hugo and Wilfy Newborough (right) receive the family prize.


Local news from the Northamptonshire villages of Cold Ashby, Cottesbrooke, Creaton, Guilsborough, Hollowell & Teeton and Thornby.

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