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Teeton residents celebrated the end of the war in Europe with a fancy dress parade for the children, followed by a tea party in the Church Hall. In the evening there was a bonfire for everyone on the village green. The photo above shows them in May 1945 standing outside the gates of Teeton Hall after the fancy dress parade. More about this photo on Hollowell & Teeton’s page.

Seventy-five years later our celebrations were by necessity different - but still memorable. Young people stepped up to play the Last Post and other wartime classics on their trumpets. Scones were baked and tea poured.


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Then, as now, not everyone celebrated. In 1945 troops were still serving in the Far East and Pacific, enduring some of the toughest conditions of the war. At home, families mourned the loss of loved ones. For more details on the activities around our villages in 2020 please check the individual village pages and the local village Facebook pages.

Kristel sent in this gorgeous photo (left) taken on the bridle path near the stream and bridge in Cold Ashby. Whilst Hollowell resident Jon Cook (who has just been appointed Northants County Recorder for the British Trust for Ornithology) captured this fabulous shot of Swallow and Sparrowhawk in flight.

Where else have you been exploring? We hear stories of readers who have lived in the area many years finding new walking routes, please send in your photos and favourite places to


The team at Saxon Spires practice would like to thank everyone who has made or donated us items to help us work safely and comfortably during the covid pandemic. This includes scrubs for our team to wear at work, and headbands to protect our nurses and dispensers ears from getting sore wearing masks and visors all day, as well as items of PPE donated by local people.

We are open and trying to provide as normal a service as possible, within the restrictions placed on us by the pandemic. If you need an appointment, please phone either Brixworth or Guilsborough Surgery and we will arrange this for you. The appointment will be via the telephone. If a video or face-to-face appointment is needed, the doctor or nurse will arrange this with you.

We are trying to limit the number of patients in the practice, in order to minimise the risk of spread of the virus. We have also changed staff working patterns to have less staff on site, so we are able to maintain safe social distancing. But we ARE OPEN! We are here for our patients.

You can also contact us online by logging into or downloading the Patient Access app. You can message your GP directly from your patient access account. Go into the “health advice” section and there you will find the facility to message the practice. This links directly with your clinical record.

You can activate online access by simply telephoning us on 01604 740210 (Guilsborough Surgery) or 01604 880228 (Brixworth Surgery).

The dispensary and pharmacy are also open. If you are unable to collect medication and cannot find a friend to collect for you please call us to arrange home delivery.            

Claire Deare, practice manager, Saxon Spires Practice


Guilsborough born and raised Emily Faye's music is a sweet concoction of both Nashville and the English Countryside, her inspiration stems from a love of song writing, and a desire to tell her story.

Following being named by Rolling Stone Magazine as ‘A New Country Artist You Need To Know’ Emily Faye has since taken the UK Country music scene in her stride. Her Debut EP ‘Here I Am’ was released back in 2018, and ever since Faye has been releasing brand new music in a variety of styles experimenting with her sound along her forever changing journey. Her latest single ‘Leaving Looks Good On You’ is out now - wherever you find your music.

Emily is also a co-founder of female lead movement ‘Write Like A Girl’ championing women in music and is a host to regular London showcases of up and coming female talent. The Witch & Sow hosted her for one date in her 2019 Write Like A Girl tour where she played to an enthusiastic crowd.

Emily’s next single ‘Fearless’ is due on Friday 29th May and is the beginning of a brand new chapter. Emily Faye is a name you are sure to hear a lot more of … and if you live in Guilsborough you might wave to her (from a distance) while she is out jogging with the family dog!


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