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Village Link Q&A with FLOWER & FARMER

Flower & Farmer is a flower farm between Guilsborough and West Haddon run by aunt and niece, Jo and Milly.

Inspired by the seasonal beauty of English gardens and hedgerows they only sell flowers they grow.  Village Link went to find out about this unusual local business:

VL: How long have you been in business?

F&F: We started in 2018 and have been growing since then.

VL: What is the attraction of using home-grown flowers?

F&F: The flowers are so beautiful. They are all slightly different and they have a will of their own which produces a very natural look in the vase. All very different from the usual imported bunches you could buy.

VL: How important is sustainability for you?

F&F: Very. Growing flowers requires an intimate understanding of the earth, the weather and the seasons but at the same time we cannot forget the crisis of climate change so we strive to grow and develop sustainable practices. Our covered areas are unheated, even in the winter, and the watering system is continually being improved to provide water only when and where it is needed.

VL: What about the use of chemicals?

F&F: We control pests using biological methods. For example we use a hoverfly to control greenfly on the roses. The flowers have no added chemicals to extend or promote their growth, we only use animal and green manures, not artificial fertilizers.

VL: Another important aspect of your business is ‘Shop Local’. How easy is this?

F&F: The difficulty is sourcing the materials that we need, such as compost and bark, but everything we sell is entirely local.

Customers can contact us through the website and we have our ‘Farm Gate’ days which are very popular. The customer knows that the flowers are grown here and that they have not travelled in from the continent.

VL: Since the pandemic, has there been a change in what people are buying?

F&F: We have seen a definite swing towards DIY flowers particularly for weddings. People really want to have something different, and perhaps with people connecting more to nature they are looking for that more natural, English look.

To find out more about Flower & Farmer, look at their website:

As we all begin to spread our wings and look forward to getting out and about, here are some dates for popular outdoor events for your diary.

Spring and Summer are ‘Open Garden’ seasons. Guilsborough kicked things off on Sunday 9th May with its ‘ticket only’ event (see photo right and report on Guilsborough’s page) and Cold Ashby Bowls Club hosted a ‘BIG BOWLS WEEKEND’ on 28-30 May.

Coming up

Cold Ashby is putting on its delayed 30th anniversary show on 17th and 18th July, which includes the usual delicious cakes and refreshments, as well as fruit and veg stalls. See page 3 for details. Why not make a day of it and combine it with the Hollowell Fete and Flower Festival (details in the rainbow advert alongside and on page 15).

Cottesbrooke Hall is hosting outdoor theatre from ‘Slapstick Picnic’ who are performing The Importance of Being Ernest on 7th July. Cottesbrooke village is also welcoming visitors to its Open Gardens on Sunday August 15th and will be offering cream teas (subject to any restrictions at the time). For details see Cottesbrooke’s page.

Hollowell Sailing Club Open Day

Saturday 3rd July 2021

If you are looking for a fun outdoor activity that you can pursue on your own, or with family and friends then look no further than Hollowell Reservoir for all the options!

On-the-water activites on offer at Hollowell Reservoir include dinghy sailing, windsurfing, and stand up paddle boarding, radio-controlled model yachting, rowing and sculling. Visit our website to find out about our Tuesday evening Try Sailing sessions and many other events for a fun chance to get on the water with qualified instructors.
The Royal Yachting Association award winning club is fully equipped to follow the roadmap for the return to boating activity in England. Having practiced training in bubbles and self-managed racing during 2020, everything is now set to welcome newcomers and get out on the water in 2021.


Recommended walks

After more than a year of discovering new walks from our doorsteps, some Village Link readers have discovered the Northamptonshire Walks website, which has hundreds of fabulous mapped and photographed walks around our County (and beyond). The website is supplemented by a facebook page with over 23,000 members, who report back on the walks, post their photos and offer advice if you need it.  Take a look for yourselves here: and

New Countryside Code

With more people enjoying the outdoors than ever before, the Countryside Code has been revised to help people enjoy countryside in a safe and respectful way. This update - the first in over a decade - has been shaped by nearly 4,000 stakeholder responses to an online survey, which sought views on best practices for visiting the countryside and protecting the natural environment and saw a huge response.

Changes include advice on creating a welcoming environment, for example by saying hello to fellow visitors; clearer rules to underline the importance of clearing away dog poo; staying on footpaths; and not feeding livestock. It also provides advice on how to seek permissions for activities such as wild swimming. See:

And finally …

Perhaps prompted by the impressive photos of Thornby hedge laying in our last edition of Village Link, a Guilsborough reader sent in this photograph of a beautifully constructed round log pile. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, the round shape allows wind from any direction to pass through the pile and quickly dry the logs.

Guilsborough Open Gardens

What’s on... in brief

Find out what’s on and where. Scroll down to see all listings, click on the month to go to the relevant page where you can view all the details or alternatively click on the Events Diary menu to choose which month to view.


4th Tennis Coaching, Guilsborough

12th Creaton Walking group

14th Guilsborough PC Meeting

30th Thornby Village Hall AGM


3rd Hollowell Sailing Club Open Day

7th The Importance of Being Earnest, Cottesbrooke Hall

12th Guilsborough PC Meeting

13th Creaton PC Meeting

17th - 18th Cold Ashby Open Gardens

17th - 18th Hollowell FAFF

18th Tennis Open Morning and Coaching, Guilsborough

Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings - Tennis, Guilsborough

Monday mornings - MMM, Guilsborough

Tuesdays - Uplands Outdoors Tots


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