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We're really not sure! Many events have been cancelled or postponed. Where we have been notified, we have updated the newsletter. Any remaining events listed were correct at 20th March, but we're really not sure what is happening as the situation is evolving. Please contact the organisers the day before the event to confirm it is going ahead.

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Take a little time to browse our pages and discover what goes on where and when in our area. Within our pages you can also find out who does what locally. If you would like to contribute anything to any of our pages, including your favourite picture from where you live in our area, please follow the links on the Contact Us page. We would love to carry all the info for your local club or association and best of all, it’s all for free!

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DOWNLOAD THE WHAT3WORDS APP TO YOUR PHONE to help the emergency services locate you. This system is particularly useful in rural areas where postcodes are not effective. The UK's emergency services are encouraging us to download this app to help them do their work faster.

How do I use what3words in an emergency?
Find the 3 word address for your current location on the free what3words app for iOS and Android. It works offline – ideal for areas with unreliable data connection.
Share your 3 word address over the phone to the call handler. The emergency service can then coordinate a response directly to the exact location where help is needed.


The Cold Ashby Village facebook page includes offers of help from Tracy Mutton (provisions, dog walking) and Daniel McNally (provisions, support) and David Hart (provisions, support and physiotherapy advice in the absence of an appointment). Sadly, at the time of going to press the impact of the Coronavirus restrictions looked like it would force the Black Horse pub to close.


A team of volunteers has assembled to support residents of Cottesbrooke who are self-isolating or just keeping themselves safe indoors. They are offering free help with picking up shopping or prescriptions, posting mail, the Internet, or just a friendly phone call. All items should be left on the doorstep for collection or delivery. The volunteer team are: Joey on 07766 912793; Meg: 07717 711353 or 01604 505103; Louise & Mark: 07825 945090; Julia: 07970 892883; Holly & Henry: 07493 165731 and Theresa: 01604 505467 or 07949 482966.


Creaton Parish Council is coordinating with the village Shop and concerned villagers, to offer assistance to those in Creaton who may be in self-isolation or unwell. At the time of writing, they are inviting any others who may already be offering assistance to make contact to ensure that there is no duplication of activities/efforts already underway, and to be as effective as possible.

Equally if you or anyone you know needs help, support, or just contact with the outside world, then in the first instance email or phone 07943 595829. We are looking for volunteers to undertake deliveries to those who may be house bound and also those who would be willing to keep up social contact over the phone to those who would like a chat and to combat loneliness.

Creaton Village Shop is also offering home deliveries for customers who find themselves in self-isolation in Creaton and the immediate villages. Deliveries are free and there is no minimum spend. Prescriptions from Saxon Spires Surgeries can be delivered via the shop providing the patient has organised it with the surgery. To order from the shop, please call 07789 828423 or email


A co-ordinating group has been set up made up of residents, the Parish Council, the GPs Surgery (Saxon Spires) and the church (St Etheldredas).  They are also in close contact with the shop (Seatons Stores) and the pub (Witch & Sow). They now have a volunteers group (more are needed!) and will try to ensure that everyone in the village and wider parish:

They are also supporting the surgery and other key workers and their families wherever possible. To start this off they have put

through every door a set of leaflets with helpful information and

your dedicated support contact. If you haven’t received this then text Amanda on 07508 058 998.  You can ring this number if necessary. Otherwise you would normally contact the person listed on your leaflet. If you would like to volunteer (e.g. willing to deliver food, or pub meals, to houses, check on an elderly/vulnerable person who knows you, or other jobs as needed) then please join the list by contacting Amanda.

All main web links for NHS and Government advice, and other helpful sites are on the Parish Council Website ( If you have Facebook then join ‘The Guilsborough Hub’ which is a good place to keep in contact.


The regular monthly Hopewell Coffee mornings in the Village Hall have been suspended for the time being. Updates will be provided on the Hollowell & Teeton News Facebook page. In the meantime the Hopewell team has put in place a support network for Hollowell and Teeton residents during the coronavirus outbreak. They want to make sure that the more vulnerable people in our community are supported. People are already offering to help through various activity groups—thank you! It’s been decided to use the Hopewell contact systems as these are already in place. If you would like to be added to the group of people who are willing to help, please email:

who will try to link you with people nearby.

If you would like support, please call, email or message the Hopewell Facebook page. The aim is to make sure that everyone who needs it receives regular contact, especially if they are self-isolating at home. A variety of support is on offer including shopping, dog walking or even horse care. There is also someone who will help you set up video conferencing, such as Skype, so you can contact family and friends by video link. It may be that all you would like is someone to give you a ring on a regular basis. Contact THE HOPEWELL TEAM. Tel and text: 07880 265614:


The lovely people at the Nagarjuna Kadampa Meditation Centre at Thornby Hall are offering to help villagers who are in self-isolation. Call 01604 743976 or email

Also, villager Paul Gates - 01604 743280,  email has confirmed he is happy to help.

At the time of going to press the Red Lion pub was closed for the foreseeable future. Please check their Facebook page for latest information or call 01604 740238.


Local milkman Mat Haynes (based in Cold Ashby, is delivering milk, apple and orange juice, and free range eggs to households locally and in surrounding villages. Contact him on 07983 563135.

And a final ‘thank you’ to our wonderful distributor volunteers, for getting the newsletter to you.



As Village Link was about to go to print the government announced a string of restrictions related to Coronavirus/COVID-19. We contacted our correspondents and asked them to update us asap regarding planned events. This edition is as up-to-date as it can be in an ever-changing situation. Any remaining events advertised are likely to be cancelled, but we have not removed all announcements since some relate to dates in the Summer. Who knows what will be the case then? Please bear with us.

Wash your hands, avoid physical contact (2m distance) and stay safe!


Before all this Coronavirus madness started, Guilsborough Pre-School & GPFA joined forces to organise a fundraising Silent Disco at Guilsborough Village Hall. This was a new concept to many of us. But, encouraged by some of our younger friends who have tried it elsewhere, we bought tickets, and went along on Friday 1st February … not sure quite what to expect!

On arrival we were given a pair of squishy comfy headphones, and told we could choose between three colour-coded channels. Each channel was pre-loaded with hits from different eras. You could switch between eras at the flick of a button on the headphone - easy! Whether it was the influence of the Gin Bar or the conventional bar, people really seemed to relax into the dancing and lose their inhibitions. Great fun! When the Coronavirus madness has subsided, please can we have another one?

A New Way of Greeting

The other week I went to a meeting where the greeting was “Consider your hand shaken”. This was not some starting point for an existential discussion but an indication that COVID-19 has led to people struggling to find new ways to greet each other. Another meeting, and the elbow bump seemed to be in order. Was this because we all knew each other that allowed this seemingly informal – and very un-English approach?

Then of course there is the foot-shake, which seems even sillier than the elbow bump, and demands a centre of balance being kept in the process. No good avoiding bodily contact in greeting if quickly followed by falling into your hosts arms, especially if not a drop was drunk at the time.

Prince Charles led, or rather did not lead the way with namaste. This clasping of own hands together is common across South East Asia, yoga teachers and, oddly, jazz musicians. It is also my greeting of choice but then I’ve been to India don’t y’know and am allowed to do it – a bit like being allowed to call Kilimanjaro ‘Kili’ if you have scaled its not insignificant heights.

However, in this brave new world of greeting flux, there must be room for other options. The distant greeting of a long arm held aloft, often whilst on tiptoe, but brought to close encounter. Or nod of the head as per two men passing each other on the street. Or, my wife’s preferred option, palm held up whilst saying “How”. Then of course, there is always smiling and saying “Hello”.  


It is May 2014 and Lara Read and her family were happy and getting on and enjoying life. Lara’s husband Stuart had had a very bad riding accident about 15 years previously where he had broken his back and was told he would never walk again. However, he did and life was good!

This is Lara’s story:

“Then Stuart went to work one day, bent down and BAM! His back just went. He ended up in Northampton General Hospital with no feeling from the waist down. After a lot of physio and pain killers he again managed to walk, but unfortunately this time it left him in constant pain and unable to return to doing the manual work he was used to.

 With 2 small boys to support we needed to find an income and we came up with the idea of Creaton Crafts and Gifts. We started off making wooden items for the home, which were very popular but due

Creaton Crafts & Gifts

to Stuart's pain and mobility he wasn't able to make them on a regular basis. We were also making paper ornaments for the home from unloved books and we decided to set up our website and also a shop on a platform called Etsy. We make personalised fruit, animals and vases, allbooks.

 In 2015 we were contacted by Mama's & Papa's to make some of our book pumpkins for their Halloween displays in 22 of their UK stores. They contacted me on Monday and wanted them delivered by Friday. We ended up making 132 in less than 4 days! We didn't get much sleep and everywhere was orange by the time we finished, but seeing our idea and work displayed in their stores was amazing.

 This inspired us to see how far our products could be distributed. We are now in Etsy's top 1% of sellers. We ship worldwideit's fantastic to think that the items we have handmade in Creaton are in Beverly Hills 90210, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Singapore and many other places.

 To anyone thinking of starting a small business I would highly recommend it. It is a lot of hard work but highly rewarding.”

 You can view Lara and Paul’s products on their website:

Saxon Spires Patient Participation Group

Carers Drop In’s at Saxon Spires

The SSPPG is working with the Practice and Northamptonshire Carers to offer a Carers Drop In session each month.  These will not be happening during the Coronavirus outbreak but hopefully will start later in the year. For more information about the SSPPG contact the Secretary, Barbara Hogg on 01604 880552 or email  There is more information about our meetings and events, on the Saxon Spires website.

For up to date Coronavirus information relative to the Surgery please go to the surgery website click on information on the top bar and then CoVID 19.

If you are a local business with an interesting story to tell, tell it to us at

The Big Switch is a collective energy switching scheme that uses people power to try and secure cheaper energy bills for residents.

Since its launch it has helped over 1,600 homes in Daventry District save an average £198 on their energy bills - and many have saved far more!

4 easy steps to switching energy provider in our Big Switch auction:

Step One

Register for free

Anyone who pays a household energy bill can register and it’s an easy process, but you will need a copy of a recent bill or annual statement to complete the process.

Step Two

Sit back, relax

Once registration has closed, our switching partner, iChoosr will invite energy companies to offer their best tariff to everyone in the scheme in a reverse auction process.

Step Three

Consider the offer

You will receive a personal offer tailored to your household on the new tariff secured by the scheme.

Whether you save money depends on your current tariff.

Step Four

Make a decision

You will have until the end of the auction round to decide if you want to switch or not. There is no obligation to accept the offer and no fees or charges.

Register for FREE  (you will need your annual electricity and gas bills) or call 01327 871100


Local news from the Northamptonshire villages of Cold Ashby, Cottesbrooke, Creaton, Guilsborough, Hollowell & Teeton and Thornby.

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