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Most Mondays - MMM coffee etc at Guilsborough Village Hall 9-11am

Every Thursday - Wellbeing Group

at Hollowell


5th & 6th Red Barn supper Club, Creaton.

7th WEA Course at Long Buckby - The Golden Age of Spain

9th Creaton WI AGM

12th Creaton Walking Group

12th Race Night, Guilsborough

12th & 13th Photo Show, Spratton

13th Harvest Festival, Hollowell

14th Guilsborough PC Meeting

17th FOSM History Group - Northampton Castle

19th Creaton Litter Pick

20th & 21st Shoe Box Donations Collection, Guilsborough

22nd Cold Ashby Cinema - Rocket man

26th Pumpkin Fun , Ravensthorpe & Guilsborough

28th Tennis Club AGM, Guilsborough

31st Last date for shoe boxes, Guilsborough


2nd FOSM Christmas Fair

2nd Hollowell Bonfire Party

4th Guilsborough PC Meeting

4th Village Link Picture Competition Deadline

9th Creaton Walking Group

12th & 15th Guilsborough Primary School Open Days

13th Creaton WI - The History of Ladybird Books

13th -16th GMADS - The House of Frankenstein

14th Red Lion Thornby Supper Club

16th Quiz Night - Creaton

21st FOSM History group - Wallis Simpson

22nd Quiz Evening - Thornby

23rd Christmas Fair - Guilsborough

26th Cold Ashby Cinema -Yesterday

28th Speaker’s Corner, Ravensthorpe - Wallis Simpson and the year of three kings!

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A new plan is being hatched to shape the future growth of West Northamptonshire. Daventry District Council, Northampton Borough Council, South Northamptonshire Council and Northamptonshire County Council are working together on the new document, which will set out the direction of economic and housing growth for the area up to the year 2050.

The Plan is necessary due to new unitary plans for the county and developments around the Oxford-Cambridge Arc, which has been identified as an area of significant economic potential.

A public consultation is asking for people’s views on the sorts of things the new Strategic Plan should consider, such as housing requirements, priorities for economic development and community infrastructure needs. The consultation runs until 11 October 2019 and people can find out more and fill in an online questionnaire by clicking here.

Copies of the relevant documents and consultation are also available from libraries and council offices.



Northamptonshire Police has received the following reports of lambs and sheep being killed and butchered in the county:
28/02/19 – 4 lambs, 1 ram butchered in Whilton

06/03/19 – 5 ewes butchered in Harpole

23/06/19 – 5 lambs believed killed and stolen in Holcot

06/07/19 – 2 rams butchered in Rushton

08/07/19 – 15 lambs butchered in Crick/West Haddon

09/07/19 – 21 lambs butchered in Whilton

13/07/19 – 13 lambs butchered in Kelmarsh

17/07/19 – 9 lambs butchered in Clipston

04/08/19 - 6 lambs butchered in south Northamptonshire

19/08/19 - 11 lambs butchered in Whilton

30/08/19 - at least 26 lambs and ewes butchered between Duston and Harpole

09/09/19 - 25 sheep butchered in Thornby

Theft is also a problem:

14/04/19 - 1 ewe stolen, Lilbourne

14/04/19 - 4 ewes stolen, Helmdon

30/04/19 - 37 ewes stolen, Preston Capes

19/07/19 - 77 lambs stolen, Holcote

22/07/19 - 2 lambs stolen, Caldecote

22/07/19 - 58 lambs stolen, Yelvertoft

07/08/19 - 15 lambs stolen, Hollowell

08/08/19 - 64 ewes stolen, West Haddon

In the words of local PC Sam Dobbs "We know that these offences will need the resources of teams of offenders. We need to know about trailers and country vehicles seen in suspicious circumstances, but also people-mover type vehicles which could conceal more people than the driver. Remember, you may hold the jigsaw piece which allows us to complete the puzzle or to have the break that we need.

Information and intelligence from our communities is key to Operation Stock. The force is urging anyone who sees any suspicious or unusual activity in rural areas which could be relevant to the investigation to report it via 101, or online quoting Operation Stock. Information can also be shared anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.  In an emergency, such as when a crime is in progress, always call 999.

DOWNLOAD THE WHAT3WORDS APP TO YOUR PHONE to help the emergency services locate you. This system is particularly useful in rural areas where postcodes are not effective. The UK's emergency services are encouraging us to download this app to help them do their work faster.

How do I use what3words in an emergency?
Find the 3 word address for your current location on the free what3words app for iOS and Android. It works offline – ideal for areas with unreliable data connection.
Share your 3 word address over the phone to the call handler. The emergency service can then coordinate a response directly to the exact location where help is needed.

Do you have a few hours to spare?

The Carers Sitting Service provides support by giving a break

to those who have a caring responsibility for a husband, wife,

partner, parent, relative or friend.

As a volunteer befriender you would be visiting someone in your local area.  No qualifications are needed, we will provide some training and on-going support. It is important that you are a good listener, understanding, patient and non-judgmental. To find out more call Adam Wilson on 01933 677837 or email:


Local news from the Northamptonshire villages of Cold Ashby, Cottesbrooke, Creaton, Guilsborough, Hollowell & Teeton and Thornby.

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