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3rd Big Breakfast at Thornby

9th Hollowell Village Breakfast

9th Creaton Walking Group

11th Guilsborough PC Meeting

13th Creaton WI

18th Guilsborough WI

21st OSM History Group

26th CAPFA Film Night - Bohemian Rhapsody


9th Creaton Walking Group

11th Guilsborough PC Meeting

12th Creaton PC Meeting

13th Creaton WI

13th Speakers’ Corner at Ravensthorpe

15th Guilsborough Pre-School Curry & Quiz Night

18th Guilsborough WI

20th Guilsborough Pre-School Open Day

21st FOSM History Group - Johnny English

26th CAPFA Film Night

29th Hollowell Quiz Night

29th Creaton Playing Field AGM

Most Mondays - MMM coffee etc at Guilsborough Village Hall 9-11am

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Residents of Guilsborough, Cold Ashby, Thornby, Coton and Teeton! We need your help!

You may not be aware that many of the villages falling within the circulation of this publication send their sewage waste to Hollowell.  It enters the village through pipes at the top of Church Hill and then flows down to a small sewage processing plant near the old brickworks off the Creaton Road. The waste is treated here: solid matter is removed once a day by tanker, and cleansed liquids are released into Stowe Brook.

Sadly, our vital work was interrupted twice, in November and December 2018, when Hollowell’s main sewer pipe in Church Hill was blocked by “fat bergs,” one of which was larger than a football.

The blockages caused raw sewage to spew out of a manhole and run down the road to the bottom of the hill.  School children in the village were forced to pick their way through this bio-hazard on their way to and from the school bus.  On both occasions, Anglian Water quickly sent a team to unblock the pipes and clean up. They are keen to enlist our help to ensure that this does not happen again. Please do not put wet wipes (not even those claiming to be flushable), disposable nappies, sanitary towels, tampons, razor blades, or plastic bags down the toilet and don’t dispose of fats and food waste in your kitchen sink.   Please put household waste in the bin and not down the drain. The residents of Hollowell salute you in this endeavour.


The RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch has come and gone for another year but this should not stop you enjoying the birds in your garden.

This is the time of year that sees great activity in the trees and hedgerows, under the eaves and in the bird boxes. Whilst the birds might think that Spring is on its way, we all know that any casting of clouts must be held back until the end of  May has passed.

It is the sudden cold snaps that can be the difference between a clutch of eggs or newly hatched chicks surviving until adulthood or not. We can all help them by putting out food, particularly at this time of year.

It is important though that we provide the right food. For example, House Sparrows love dried mealworms, Starlings, like the Blue Tit in the picture, like suet and fat balls, and Chaffinches prefer a mix of seed.

Some birds will usually only feed off the ground, such as Wood Pigeons and Dunnock, which can be very useful after the Starlings have been round as they are not the world’s tidiest of eaters!

If you would like to carry on counting the birds in your garden, contact the British Trust for Ornithology about their Garden Birdwatch. To find out more about feeding birds, go to the RSPB website.

Volunteers needed to give carers a break

What's involved?

     The Carers Sitting Service provides support by giving a break to those who have a caring responsibility for a husband, wife, partner, parent, relative or friend.

     Sitting sessions take the form of befriending and involve meeting the same person in their own home. As a volunteer befriender you would be visiting someone in your local area.   Volunteers do not give personal care or cook meals, undertake cleaning or do shopping.

     No qualifications are needed, we will provide induction training and on-going support. However, it is important that you are understanding, patient, non-judgmental, a good listener and open-minded.

     You could use your spare time to help someone else, or gain experience while you search for paid employment.  You could also gain a reference to use when you apply for jobs.

     All volunteers have an informal interview, will need to complete an application form and provide two references.  If you are successful we will request a disclosure and barring service (DBS) check, which we will pay for.

     Travel expenses will be paid for any visits you make.


To find out more, call Adam Wilson on

01933 677837 or email him at:

If you’re interested in the work of the Practise come along to the next regular bimonthly meeting at Guilsborough Surgery on Tuesday February 12th at  6.30pm


Mary Fowler

Joshua, Annabel, Madeline and Lucy


Riding for the

Disabled Association

RDA's ponies provide therapy, achievement and enjoyment, to those of all ages with disabilities, all over the UK and have been in existence for more than 40 years.

There are five groups within Cottesbooke RDA, an adult one at Clipston on a Monday (April-October), and four for children run at Holdenby, Monday to Thursday in the afternoon, operating after the Easter holidays until the Autumn half-term.

This is rewarding and fulfilling both for riders and also the volunteers who are either experienced in horsemanship, or those who want to help adults or children and have little horse knowledge.  Can you help for an hour a week in the Summer?


Mandy Gercs


Tel:  07713 641319


My much requested recipe….to fill you with love on Valentines Day!

8oz slightly salted butter (I use Lurpak either spreadable or butter)
8oz dark chocolate (I use 74% cocoa from Lidl),
12oz dark soft brown sugar
4 medium eggs
1tsp good vanilla extract
4oz whole plain flour
1 level tsp baking powder
4oz shelled pecans or walnuts broken into pieces
Icing sugar to dust

Cut the butter into chunks and break up the chocolate. both in a heatproof bowl and melt together in a microwave (I do mine for 3 mins) or over a pan of simmering water. well, then cool until tepid.
Heat the oven to 190C, Gas 5. Line the base of a shallow rectangular baking tray (approx 25cm x 30cm) with non-stick baking paper. the sugar, eggs and vanilla in a mixing bowl until frothy. Mix the flour and baking powder. the buttery chocolate into the sugary eggs, followed by the flour and the pecan/walnut pieces.
Scrape into the tin, level with the back of a spoon, then bake for 20mins until a crust forms on the top. centre will feel slightly soft when pressed (and I’ve noticed a slight cracking which means its good and just solid enough). and cool in the tin for a good 2-3 hours then chill for at least an hour (I leave it overnight). into squares while in the tin and lever out with a table knife. Serve in a pile dusted with icing sugar.


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