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22nd October: Rocket Man

Based on the life of Elton John.

26th November:  Yesterday

A failing musician mysteriously becomes the only man who remembers the Beatles.


Further details of these and future films can be seen on the   CAPFA Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ColdAshbyPFA/


When Cold Ashby Golf Club hit financial difficulties last year it seemed to many members that they would have to say farewell to their beloved course and look for somewhere else to play their favourite game.  But a small group of members spotted an opportunity and formed themselves into the founding board of a formally registered not-for-profit  co-operative society, to be owned eventually by all its members.

The board, with the approval of the club’s current owners, set about gathering support for their idea from the club’s staff and its current committee. They called a meeting of all members, where its ideas and plans were unanimously approved.

The board made sure the finances were sound, opened a bank account, and entered into negotiations with the landowners.

A website followed, (click here) where members could read the plans for the future, learn how a members-led co-operative works and download an application form. The response was good. Former members have rejoined en masse and there are even newcomers attracted by the members-led structure.

So, thanks to the enterprise and hard work of those founding members, on 1st November, Cold Ashby Golf Centre will be open for business, owned by its members.

Forthcoming Film and Social Nights


Well, it was certainly lovely weather for ducks! Thank you to all those who braved the elements and turned out in force for our Open Gardens weekend in July. Despite the rain we still raised over £2800, which was an unexpected amount and much welcomed by the church committee.

This year’s income was helped by having 3 new gardens along with excellent stalls and games, tasty Caribbean snacks and an entertaining Punch and Judy show. Very many thanks to all those who donated so generously and helped make the weekend a success.

Next year we will celebrate our 30th Anniversary of Cold Ashby Open Gardens and we are already planning an extra special event. It will be on 25th and 26th July 2020 - put it in your diaries!


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