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The following people won £10 each:

Chrystal Baker-Bates, Claire Morrell, Graham Leah, Pauline Partington, Rose Hall, Barry Wendon, The Hollowell Family and Alan Stocker.

Congratulations and thank you for supporting the village hall.

Don’t forget to check our Events Diary for more information on events in all our villages and surrounding area.


"The lamps are going out all over Europe, and we shall not see them lit again in our life-time"

British Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey (Monday 3 August 1914)

Hollowell & Teeton Parish has 32 street lamps managed by the Parish Council.  The charges for electricity to power these lights is based on an Estimated Annual Consumption (EAC) stated on the Unmetered Supply Certificate [UMS Cert] issued by Western Power Distribution on 30 October 2015, following completion of the upgrade to all street lamps.  Street Lights are fitted with a 36w Low Pressure Mercury (Compact) Single Lamp and 1 watt Electronic Photocell.

The Certificate of Unmetered Supply, issued by Western Power Distribution, lists two Meter Point Administration Numbers (MPAN):

Dusk to Dawn EAC 5841.8 kWh (relates to the lamp) Continuous EAC 280.5 kWh (relates to the Photocell control switch on each lamp)


Villagers, with supporters of the Hollowell Steam from further afield, gathered at St. James’s Church on Christmas evening for the annual Carol Service, led this year by Rev. Judy Craig Peck. The Church was looking its best, with Christmas flowers and tree decorations (Wendy Evans and Gill Brown) and the

new, sparkling, altar fall (Chrystal Baker-Bates). James Bonsor kindly came over from Holcot to play the organ.

Before the Service Merrick Baker-Bates, on behalf of the Parochial Church Council, thanked the Steam Rally Committee for its support of the Church over the years, and particularly Allen Eaton, the retiring Convenor, whose initiative did so much to create the Rally in 1986 (providing funds that year to repair the church roof) and not long afterwards the annual Carol Service.

After the Service, Jane and Allen Eaton opened their home for refreshments to all comers with the party continuing into the small hours of Christmas Morning.


The Hollowell Hens had a very jolly evening creating Christmas wreaths in the Village Hall. A big thank you to retired florist, Judy Brown who showed us how to assemble our designs. It was great fun and amazing to see such a variety of beautiful wreaths at the end.


The 2018 Cafe Christmas in the Village Hall was busier than ever with around fifty people attending. It was lovely to see many new faces. Our popular and skilled barista was run off his feet trying to keep pace with the demand and he had to have a lie down and a coffee when the show was over!

There was an amazing buzz in the Hall as friends chatted and laughed and the Christmas  cheer was borne aloft by a steady stream of sausage and bacon rolls from our chefs in the kitchen and a fantastic selection of homemade cakes, as well as the personalised coffees. There were art, craft and produce stalls, plus Dawn Fountain's seasonal tombola. The popular hand


2019 got off to a lively start in Hollowell with an impromptu Vintage Vehicle run.  About 12-14 vehicles, including 5 tractors a Land Rover and an old Jaguar set off from the Creaton Road at 10.30am on New Year’s Day, for a 21 mile trip through the Northamptonshire countryside.  Their route took in the villages of Guilsborough, West Haddon, Yelvertoft, Elkington, Cold Asbhy, Thornby, Nasby and finished with lunch for all at the Bricklayers Arms in Creaton.  Many thanks to Ian Brown and Allen Eton for organising the occasion.

chime playing, conducted by Sarah Mourant, all added to the fun. What better confirmation that Hollowell is truly a sociable place to live?

There are a number of events already planned for 2019. Here are the first two to put in your diary:

The Great Village Breakfast 9am to 12 noon on February 9th


The Big Quiz Night Friday March 29th.

We have been able to transform the interior décor of the Hall this year and your attendance at Village Hall events and membership of the Tote – together with sponsors and donors – have enabled us to do this.

So a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who has helped create a super little village hall for Hollowell and Teeton!  We will continue with the improvement of our village’s hall as funds permit.

In December 2018 our electricity supplier, Eon, notified the Parish Council that it planned to increase the charge for powering the lights by 23.5%, effective from 21st January 2019.  This is charged at a single unit price, with no standing charge.

The Parish Council sought quotations from alternative suppliers and at an Extra Ordinary Meeting held on 19 December 2018 decided to change supplier.  A fixed term contract has been agreed with Total Gas & Power, facilitated by Eastern Counties Purchasing Organisation (ESPO), for the period 3 January 2019 to 30 September 2020.

Although the cost of running the village lights will still go up, the move to a new supplier will provide an annual saving of £234.20 compared to the price quoted by Eon.


Local news from the Northamptonshire villages of Cold Ashby, Cottesbrooke, Creaton, Guilsborough, Hollowell & Teeton and Thornby.

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