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Don’t forget to check our Events Diary for more information on events in all our villages and surrounding area.


    We have had a very busy Autumn term here at Guilsborough C of E Primary, with lots more to look forward to this coming Spring term!

     Some of the highlights include the regular seasonal walk which the children enjoyed even though it was a rather muddy experience, our festive Church visit, the various sporting competitions that we have taken part in, the Senior Citizen Party, the Reception ‘Stay and Play’ sessions and the PTA Festive Friday and Disco.

    Our Reception and Year 1/2 class made us all very proud by performing the most super Nativity. It was such a professional performance, which is remarkable when you consider that the cast are all 7 years old or below! I’m sure all parents, family and friends thought it was wonderful too!


  We finished the Autumn term with WATER house winning the terms house points.As winners they voted on an exciting winners treat and all had the opportunity to watch and take part in ‘GGT’ (Guilsborough’s Got Talent), which was super to watch! We saw so many talented performances including dancing, singing, violinists, guitar players, a great piano solo and various magic acts! It was an enjoyable experience had by all.

     Our Festive Friday event was a huge success. Not only did we all get to meet Santa, but he gave every pupil in our school a very special biscuit for being so fantastic! We managed to raise just over £800 which will go towards our PTA wish list.

   As we look forward to an exciting Spring term ahead I’d like to direct you to our school website and Twitter profile @guilsboroughpri for those interested in keeping up with all of the learning and enrichment activities that we are doing at our school and for any important updates.

Mrs K Shilliam   Head Teacher


Monday Morning Meet

Guilsborough Village Hall

9 – 11am every Monday

(Excluding Bank Holidays)

All welcome baby – OAP’s.

Baby & toddler toys for youngsters.

Meet for a chat, coffee/tea, cake.

Only £2/adult

includes refreshments.

Children free

Our Good Friday Special will be on Friday 19th April

10am – 12 noon.

For more information contact:

Janet 01604 740640

Guilsborough WI for ladies in Guilsborough and surrounding Villages.

Meet new people and have a fun packed evening with Guilsborough and surrounding areas WI

Witch & Sow the 3rd Monday of every month

Guilsborough Women’s Institute for ladies in Guilsborough and surrounding Villages of all ages.We meet the 3rd Monday of every month at the Witch & Sow, 7.30pm for 8pm start, bar is open, tea and coffee complimentary after the speaker. (Bring your own Mugs).

Visitors welcome, £5 per meeting.We normally meet in the Restaurant unless an event requires more space and then you will find us in the function room at the back of the pub.

Next meetings: -

February  18th — Session with the Fire Team

March 18th — Learning to dance - Ceroc Style

For more details see the Guilsborough WI Facebook page or contact Caroline as below

Join our WI - for more information contact Caroline Collins: 07980-809002

We’ve just had a great Autumn term, with lots of early years fun and learning.  The children celebrated numerous festivals; Divali, Bonfire Night and of course Christmas with lots of arts and crafts.  We were invited to decorate the Church’s Christmas tree with handmade decorations and we held a Christmas carol sing-along service for all our families in the Village Hall, which was very cute and Father Christmas even paid us a visit!

This term we are thinking about changes, to begin with weather, then our environment and our village as we move through winter into spring and summer.  We spend a lot of time outside in this term, so we can witness the changes and the children love to talk about what they can see and feel.


On Thursday 13th December 2018 we celebrated at our annual Academic Awards evening. Students were nominated in the following categories:

“Outstanding Achievement” in each subject area

“Excellent Progress” in each subject area

Outstanding GCSE results (the top 11 students across last year’s Year 11 students)

The best A Level exam results and

“The Guy Sellick-Taylor Languages Award” for the most able linguist in Key Stage 3

Letters and awards were also sent home to those students who had been nominated but left school at the end of Year 11 to begin their 6th form studies elsewhere. Those students in Year 13 who had achieved the best A level exam results were also rewarded for their successes and invited to collect their certificates.

Addressing the students and parents this year was Adam Taylor a former student from Guilsborough. We are very grateful to Adam for giving his time so freely to us and starting our evening with such an interesting overview of his career and aspirations which I know will have enthused our students.

The evening was filled with student success and it was lovely to see so many students enjoying the event and also so many proud parents. It was also great to see why our students received their awards with excellent citations which made the evening even more special.

Miss S Boyer

Assistant Principal


Both Carol singing events in Guilsborough raised money for worthy causes this year.

Thank you to everyone who participated and supported these events in any way.

The roving group donated £200 to the Hope Shelter in Northampton. A big thank you goes to everyone who turned out that night as it was probably the wettest night of December 2018 ! We sang through the centre of the village and then retreated to sing inside with mince pies, mulled wine and warmth very kindly provided by Colonel and Mrs Evans.

The Christmas Eve Carols at the Witch and Sow raised  £157 for The Motor Neurone Disease Association and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the music and singing in a warm dry room!



Guilsborough Neighbourhood Development Plan

By the time you read this we will have all had the opportunity to vote for or against the GNDP, received the result and either we’re congratulating ourselves, and in particular the steering group, or we’re asking ourselves where we got it wrong and which responses we’ve misunderstood. Hopefully it’s the former and the village has in place some valuable policies to help shape the future Guilsborough.

Tarmac Area outside the Village Hall

This area is quite heavily used by village hall users, school traffic, access to properties and pedestrians both to the school and the village hall. Gradually it has been falling into a state of disrepair and needs more than further patching up.

We’ve all been hearing about the financial situation Northamptonshire County Council is in so there are no monies for this type of repair and to further complicate matters there is no clear ownership of this land. We believe it was most probably Tithe Land in the past and records have not been kept over the years as the village hall has grown from what was originally “The Reading Room” and the school has expanded from the original old building to what it is today. We have previously experienced difficulties due to this lack of title and so it is our intention to apply to the Land Registry and seek public ownership of it.

Meanwhile, we are seeking agreement from those with access over this area for us to re-tarmac it, making it a safer environment for us all.

Bus Route 59/60

Talks are still in progress with some Parish Councils to fund this bus route however the level of funding being discussed, we believe, would place a financial burden on us that would be too great for our village, especially with more and more local public services previously the responsibility of NCC falling on Parish Council’s budgets. So, with regret, we have taken the decision that we cannot support this scheme and unless there is a major change in costings or level of service expect the bus route to cease operation in the very near future.

We would like to gauge exactly how many people this will impact, in particular those that cannot make alternative arrangements. If this is you please email .

Grit Bins

Highways have been reducing the number of grit bins they maintain throughout the county in their efforts to reduce expenditure. The Parish Council has adopted the one sited at the top of Pells Close in the hope this will help keep access to the fire station and the senior citizens bungalows passable should we get snow again this year. Please note, and this applies to all our grit bins, this rock salt is for public area use only and not to be used on private drives or footpaths.

Parish Precept

The Parish Precept is the way in which Parish Council’s are funded. With the ever-increasing burden being passed down, due to Local Government reforms, we have had to increase this year’s precept by 10%. Whilst this sounds a big increase, it equates to an increase of £7.656p per annum for a band D property. This increase is because we have had to budget for additional expenditure, some of which is mentioned above but also increased rent for the children’s playground, removal costs of play equipment that has reached the end of it’s usable life along with maintaining our strongly recommended reserves. Without these it is highly unlikely our accounts would be passed by our auditor.

Parish Council Website

Our website, although we keep it up to date with our news, is an under used asset of the village. We would like to develop it to include details of all our various and thriving groups so it can become the go to place for our local information.

If you run a club or society and want details to be included please do email them to or come along to one of our meetings and hand them over to us.

We have our annual Curry & Quiz planned for Friday 15th March and tickets will be on sale soon for this very popular event! Following on from that our next open day will be Wednesday 20th March 2019.

Please come and see us and learn more about what we do, and if you know of anyone with pre-school age children in the area do pass on this date to them.  However, you don’t have to wait until then, just give us a call on 01604 740761 and we can organise a time for you to come and have a look around.  Our Facebook page is also a great place to find out our news and latest activities and events.

Guilsborough Playing Fields

Activities at the Playing Field in 2018

West Haddon & Guilsborough (Seniors) Cricket Club’s 2 teams, played in the Northants Cricket  Leagues 4 & 13, from May to September and practice Tuesday evenings in the nets. The 2nd X1 play at Guilsborough.  

West Haddon & Guilsborough (Ladies )  Cricket Club  played most of their  games at Guilsborough

West Haddon & Guilsborough Junior Cricketers, numbering 100,  aged 8 to 13 practice and play  from May to September, with  Under 11, 13 and 15 teams  who play/train  both midweek and on Sundays, with some training and games at Guilsborough, but most at West Haddon.  The “All-Stars” 8 year old’s, played during the interval of the Oval 5th Test, representing the most successful Northamptonshire “All-Stars” group.

Northampton District Girls U13 teamhosted at the Field  for training and two fixtures.

The Sir John Lowther Cricket game and Village Lunch in August was a successful occasion with 60 villagers and 22 players.  

Guilsborough Primary and Pre-school used the Field for their Sports Days and villagers regularly use the field for recreation.

Daventry Sports, part of Northants Sports, used the Field on 2 occasions for school sports events.

St. Michael’s Cricket Club, play all their home games at the Field and contribute  £800 p.a. for this.

Development of the Ground & Equipment

The planned installation of an automatic watering system around the cricket square was completed by Irrifence

New full-size football posts were purchased for the new pitch at a cost of £2,700. Grants from Northants Community Foundation (Winwick Wind Farm Fund) and  Daventry District Council were obtained towards the cost.

A new cricket cage and nets were installed by Irrifence, cost £4,600, and replaced the 20 year old cage that had rusted and bent poles. Grants from Northants Community Foundation (Winick Wind Farm

village sport and recreation

Trust) and Guilsborough  Parish Council were received towards the costs.

Grants and donations have been obtained towards the costs of refurbishing  the current kitchen area, to create a refreshment facility to serve alcohol, as well as an improved  kitchen facility. The work  will  start early in 2019.  

Fund Raising.

A bottle-stall  at Hollowell Steam and a Golf Day at Cold Ashby Golf Club both raised much needed funds.

The GPFA participated in the Village Festival, and received a donation  from the surplus generated.

Funding the GPFA

Over £12,000 p.a. was again needed to fund the GPFA’s expenditure, as the fixed and maintenance costs have not decreased.  

Succession Planning. A succession plan for some of the elderly  GPFA officials is needed. It is recognized that it would be  beneficial to rotate the roles of Chairman and Vice-Chairman, ideally with new GPFA members. The GPFA would welcome individuals to “Shadow” the roles of some, with the intention to take on these roles at a later date.  In addition, a new position of Sponsorship and Fundraiser is needed.

The “Vision Project” - New Activity at the Field

The GPFA is looking for new uses and/or increased use by the current sports.   A Steering Group and a Working Group have been formed, led by Jim Houghton. The Steering Group’s function, is to A) provide a sounding board to the working group and provide input from a wider group of interested parties, including the GPFA General Committee and the Trustees and B)  Ensure that the Working Party direction is in line with the objectives of the wider group and supported.  The Working Group’s function is to A) perform detailed research and analysis of the alternative options and B) To provide recommendations to the Steering Group for discussion.  

There was an encouraging response on villagers’ needs re Playing Field, more details of which can be found at



West Haddon and Guilsborough CC will have started preparations with indoor training sessions for juniors (8-16 years).In the summer will we run four junior teams, three adult men’s teams and a ladies team. New players are welcome in all sections, including ladies and girls.We have social men’s sides playing on Saturdays and Wednesday’s so if you would like a gentle return or introduction to cricket this is the perfect opportunity!

Please contact for more information.


The  GPFA is pleased that dog owners enjoy walking with their dogs at the playing fields but unfortunately we have received complaints of dog poo left on the field.  This is not acceptable and the field will have to become dog free if it cannot be kept poo-free.

We also ask that dogs are kept on leads as this ensures all users of the field can enjoy the area safely.

Guest Speaker Adam Taylor

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