CHAIRMAN’S REPORT                                                            April 2017

The Council has held regular meetings throughout the year. All planning applications have been discussed and our observations sent to the Planning Department in Daventry.

Councillors have looked after the general well being of the village, covering footpaths, street lighting, all highway issues including roads with associated traffic and parking problems, potholes, water leaks and drains. New waste bins and dog poo bins have been purchased and installed. Regular reports have been made on the equipment and surroundings in the Playground, and this has recently been extended to cover all Parish Assets. All necessary replacements and repairs have either been done or will be attended to when the weather is right. Following the damage caused to a seat in the Playground a new seat was purchased and installed. Trees are inspected at regular intervals and new TPO’s have been placed on trees off the Coton road. Contact between the council and the village is maintained through the website, Villagelink and the noticeboards.

Grasscutting around the village and in the churchyard and playground areas has again been well maintained thanks to Mark Hazle and to Maximow.

Use of the Academy tennis courts by Parishioners is still an ongoing subject due to the security restrictions, but discussions will continue.

A new picture of the Queen was purchased to mark Her Majesty’s 90th birthday and this has been hung in the Village Hall.

During the year Councillor Natalie Evans was co-opted and welcomed on to the Council.

Following requests from organisations in the village various grants for Community funding have been made

The Guilsborough Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has put in many more hours of work during the year and I would like to thank them very much on behalf of our parishioners for all their efforts and for the time they have given up to ensure the future good of Guilsborough.

The village has benefitted from the work and commitment shown by the councillors who have used their knowledge and experience in various fields and put time and energy into their tasks to make Guilsborough a great place in which to live. With their own work and family duties already in mind our councillors have all gone the extra mile, often at the end of a long day, to look after somebody else’s interests. So often you hear people today say that they have not got time to join committees or councils, Guilsborough is very fortunate and I should like to say a big thank you to all our councillors and to our Parish Clerk Carol James for the work they have done in the last 12 months.

Sarah Jaggard Chair of Guilsborough PC

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