“We are Hopewell” was started in response to the realisation that in small villages like Hollowell there are people who have no one to turn to when desperate and at the end of their tether or in crisis.

We called it “Hopewell” because we wanted to fill a gap where anyone who is feeling “Hollow” and their “well” of strength has run dry can find a source of “Hope”.

We are going to launch monthly Coffee mornings in the village hall starting in November called “Coffee and a Chat” which is exactly what it says. Everyone is welcome. You don’t have to be in need but just enjoy meeting people over a cuppa!

If you need a lift we should be able to provide that, just call or text 07780 265614 and let us know.

These will take place place on the third Friday each month. Why not pop in and join us between 10:00 – 12:00 on:

20th December

17th January
Paul and Cheryl Charter

Facebook: We are Hopewell Email: wearehopewell@gmail.com Tel and text: 07780 265614