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The Uplands Group of Parishes consists of Guilsborough, Hollowell, Thornby, Cold Ashby, Ravensthorpe, Cottesbrooke, Creaton and Spratton

Message from Reverend Chris Peck, rector of the Uplands Group of Parishes

As we enjoy the nature bursting into full bloom all around us, we are reminded of God’s generosity to us in creation and all the blessings of life. In a recent ‘Table Talk’, responding to the question: ‘What makes you happy?’, we reflected that for many of us as we grow older it is the simple things that make us happy: dew drops twinkling in the sunlight; evening light bathing the landscape; a simple ‘Thank you’ for something done; each breath we are able to breathe.

   A natural response to a sense of well-being is to say thank you to our Creator, whether that for you is the Spirit of the Universe, or the triune Christian God, or some other being. And often we want to take some action to express our thankfulness.

One of the things which makes me thankful is the generosity of our village communities towards our churches, whether that is through fund raising or regular giving. I want to say a big thank you to all of you who through your generosity help to keep our churches as living places of worship, blessing, mission and spirituality. During these months there will be a host of activities including festivals, Open Gardens, concerts and plays, Hollowell Steam Rally, all of which support our churches for which

raising events and money put on the collection plate is not enough; nor are gifts and legacies left for the building. What is needed is committed, regular giving to enable our churches to continue to fulfil their vital role in our communities.

So if you feel grateful to our generous Creator God, why not take that action of filling in a form to give regularly either to your local church or to the Uplands churches as a whole. And if you are a tax payer the church can benefit by an extra ten percent of whatever you give. It can be a big amount or a small amount; what makes the difference is the regular giving. It is the regular giving which enables the clergy, the hard pressed treasurers, churchwardens and PCC members to sleep at night and devote their energy to what the church is there for, instead of a constant worry about whether it has a future.

So, for what we have received, thank you; for what we are receiving; thank you; and for what we are about to receive; thank you!

we are immensely grateful.

However, if our churches are to continue as living places where christenings and marriages can be celebrated, funerals held, pastoral care exercised, God worshipped, and everyone welcomed, then fund


Church News


St Etheldreda’s bells have temporarily fallen silent. After a lengthy period of applying for and being granted the necessary faculties, worked commenced on the bells on 16th April. It is anticipated that they will be refurbished and ready to ring again by 26th May when we have our first wedding of the year.

Extensive work is required to bring the bells back to a first class condition and to halt deterioration. This includes refurbishing the frame that holds the bells, the bearings, the headstocks, re rimming the wheels, replacing the pulley sheaves and some stays and overhauling the clappers.

The work is being carried out by an excellent firm of bell restorers; Nicholsons Engineering of Bridport in Devon. They were recommended by Whitechapel Foundry whose firm restored the bells in 1971. Sadly Whitechapel closed last summer, before they could complete a further restoration.

Restoration of the bells is heavy, dirty work and requires removing the main parts of the workings to take them to the workshop in Bridport. The bells have been lowered to the first floor whilst the frame is cleaned and painted.

The pictures give a clearer idea of the work.

We look forward to having the bells restored and will be arranging a day for viewing the refurbished bells and for interested parties to try their hand at ringing them.

Julie Woolley,

Merrick Bowles

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Office Space Needed

We are looking for office space for our Administrator, somewhere in the Uplands Area. It needs to be somewhere accessible which can be available three mornings a week, with heating, good lighting, a desk, telephone and WiFi. Ideally it would also have access to photocopying facilities. It could be somewhere that is already set up as an office and therefore be a facility shared with other users, or a spare room that could be adapted for this purpose.

If anyone has or knows of such a space please be in contact with Revd Chris Peck on 01604 743734.


Local news from the Northamptonshire villages of Cold Ashby, Cottesbrooke, Creaton, Guilsborough, Hollowell & Teeton and Thornby.

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