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It dresses up beautifully as you can see and can accommodate up to 75 people. Contact  Suzie Bowie 01604 505670 or 07824 875006 for details or email



Farming takes hard work, dedication and patience, but the results are rewarding. Baby calves and baby lambs are as symbolic of Spring time as Daffodils. I know that many of you are on duty day and night still, as you till the fields and plant crops. We as a society are reliant on you for so much. Thank you for the hard work.


A tree was planted in the village adjacent to the Village Hall in memory of Dickie Cazanove.


I've been coming to Cottesbrooke to ride with Theresa since before my first birthday. When I was very little, we would go on crocodile hunts and play peek-a-boo with Mrs Roberts, who would wave at us from an upstairs window!

My first pony was Henry Pony followed by Sprite. When I was eight I started to outgrow Sprite. Theresa was on the hunt for a new pony!

She found Silverstar Archie. When we got him, he had been injured and spent nine months in a field to recover. He was so fluffy. But after a couple of months of not being able to jump or canter, and lots of hard work by Theresa, slowly he started to look like that brilliant competition pony he used to be.

By early spring 2017 it’s time for our first competition. It was a little clear-round show jumping competition at Moulton College. The fences were only 45cm high but a step in the right direction! Then, as the weeks went by, the jumps got bigger and Archie's rhythm got better. Everything was falling into place.

After a couple of months, we started going to Pony Club rallies and a few more competitions. Last summer, we did one of my most favourite competitions so far; a one-day event. I just remember jumping the last cross-country fence out of a wood and realising we'd gone clear and then the excitement of discovering we'd come third!

The summer saw the beginning of the three best months of my entire life. The day after the end of Pony Club Camp in August was Blakesley show; a qualifier for the British Show Pony Society (BSPS) summer championships. Archie and I won our class and qualified for the best rider and nursery stakes working hunter classes. The summer champs came so quickly. Sadly, we had a refusal in the jumping but had a very good show. We came joint sixth in the best rider class! Most importantly, I learnt an awful lot and had a great day.

Then came the best month EVER. It started when Archie and I qualified for the National Schools Equestrian Association (NSEA) grassroots championships final representing Spratton Hall. We also qualified for the even more competitive Open National Finals. These were held at Addington Manor and it was the best competition of my entire life because I got to miss a day of school and spend the whole day with my best friend. As a team, Spratton Hall were the youngest by about three years.

The eventer trial final was in an indoor arena with live commentary. Because of a traffic jam on the A43 we didn't even have time to walk the course properly but Theresa said not to worry. It was the hardest course I've jumped and we went clear! Spratton Hall came 16th out of over 100 teams, I believe.

Archie and I are now whizzing around courses of 80/85cm. We have qualified for the BSPS winter champs. I can't wait. It is on 1st April, which will be Archie's 18th birthday. But I could never have done this without Theresa’s help!

Alice Mackaness,

aged nine



Sunday 22 April


Cottesbrooke NN6 8PF


To you, who have moved into Cottesbrooke at the beginning of 2018 we warmly welcome you to the village.


Look for miracles every day.

When I view a sunrise or the intricate beauty of a flower in full bloom, I realise the miracle of nature. When I observe the loved shared between mother and child, or even between people and their pets, I witness the Miraculous.

Above:  Alice & Archie

A Summer evening of

 entertainment at

Cottesbrooke Hall

Handlebards travelling players are again visiting Cottesbrooke and will be performing Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’ in the gardens at Cottesbrooke Hall on Saturday, 7th July.  Gates will open at 5.00pm for picnics to be set up and for the gardens to be enjoyed, which will be opened for the evening.  The show begins at 7.00pm until approximately 9.00pm.  For further information and ticket information, please visit our website

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