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It dresses up beautifully as you can see and can accommodate up to 75 people. Contact  Alexina Cassidy on 01604 505564 for details



The Village Gardens were open on Sunday the 11th of June and it was a great day. The village hall car park was full as families and garden enthusiasts walked up gardens opened down the extent of the village admiring each individual Open Garden. Large or small, they were beautifully maintained. Anne and John Harris, the self-confessed worst gardeners in Cottesbrooke, also opened their garden. Instead of horticultural exhibits they chose mechanical, with cars, motorbikes and tractors filling their lawn. Straightaway afterwards they flew to

New Zealand via Japan and now wonder what next year’s theme will be?

The cream teas at the village hall were much appreciated and I was lucky enough to buy a coffee flavoured sponge cake which was the best we had ever eaten. The mystery is …. who baked that gorgeous cake? My husband wants to order another one! I cannot help but wonder, is it the same person who made a chocolate Devil’s Food cake the year before, which was equally sensational? Hmmm.

Chris Utley

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Handlebards travelling players performed Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” in the beautiful gardens at Cottesbrooke Hall on a warm sunny Friday evening in July, entertaining over 200 people whilst enjoying their picnics.  

The evening began by gates opening at 5pm to allow everyone to set up picnics and enjoy looking around the gardens whilst in the background, enjoying music by an acoustic guitarist.  

The Handlebard players were an all girl troupe this year who were hilariously funny and entertaining, involving audience participation, as seen from the photo above, which shows Alastair Macdonald-Buchanan, the host for the evening, being knocked out after a short boxing spat with one of the players!

A lovely time was had by all with the evening coming to a close at around 9.30pm.

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HANDLEBARDS delights again at Cottesbrooke Hall


The Women’s Cycling Tour from Daventry to Kettering came through Cottesbrooke Main Street on the 7th of June en route to the Hill at Haselbech.

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This event will take place on Saturday 9th September to raise funds for the Northamptonshire Historic Churches Trust, with 50% of the money raised being returned to the Church of your choice. Sponsorship Forms are available online - email or pick one up at Cottesbrooke Church. We can all do something to make it a big success. I’m not a cyclist, but I volunteer to ‘man’ the Church. Younger people might enjoy a ride or walk, so please get your sponsors to donate on your behalf. Thank you!

Chris Utley


In mid-June the village of Cottesbrooke was devastated by the sudden death of Mr. Dick Casanove. His kindness, strength and family love are exemplary of a great man.


Remember to keep water out on the ground for our short-legged friends in the garden i.e, Frogs & Hedgehogs, also put out water for the birds to bathe in during the hot spells.

We received a request for information from a local lady who comes from Northumberland: “Has anyone heard or seen a ‘Corn Crake”? She said that they are nearly extinct, but as a child she heard them in the corn fields nearby.

It is great to see Bees in action, recently we counted over 40 gathering pollen along our 40 ft Lavender border.

On the 27th of May I saw a Magpie trying to pick up something on the garden path. Every time it tried to pick it up, it jumped backwards in surprise! What was that? It looked like the biggest juiciest earthworm it had ever seen, but the worm jerked and spat at the Magpie like a dragon. It was a baby Grass Snake with white marks on its head and a greenish brown body, not an earthworm at all !

Chris Utley


In preparation for the Fete the village children mixed work with play, by cleaning toys and putting all the pieces together, giving them a preview of what would be for sale on the toy stall. A very big thank you to all the playmates who joined the project.


A very special Strawberry and Cream sponge made by Meg Routhorn was a surprise Tea Time treat for Jack Harris.


“What Lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”.

Henry David Thoreau

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